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The following explanation to puts the topic into context. The saliva pH reading in the morning is a reflection of your alkaline mineral reserves. A good pH reading for first-morning saliva is in the range of 7. If below that it hints that your alkaline buffering minerals low. With the further consumption of acid-forming foods, calcium and magnesium are drawn from the bone to keep pH in balance and a near neutral pH in the blood, at the expense of your alkaline reserves.

As we mentioned in our earlier discussions, Generally fruits and vegetables are alkaline-forming, while meats, dairy and processed grains are acidic.

As you transition towards a diet of fruits and veggies you will stop the depletion of the alkaline reserves and begin to replenish them. This replenishment cannot be forced or manipulated. Sadly nature cannot be cheated. (Some people will drink high alkaline water from fancy expensive machines that are in fact counter productive in the hopes of raising their alkalinity…. in the short term this may work but in the long term will unbalance the system).

As your alkaline reserves are replenished so too will your saliva pH  begin to rise. The Cleanse and Fasting process you are going through now will draw the acids out of your system (in a gentle manner) and allow the system to rebuild it self with good chemistry.

It took many years to accumulate these acids and toxicity. Its thus not unreasonable to give it a fair amount of time to undo the years of damage.

Good to remember that small changes are BIG! Since the pH is a logarithmic scale, i.e. that each full numerical change in pH represents a 10-fold difference in acid load (or alkaline buffering), it is important to note that any changes in the direction of alkalinity, even small ones, are health promoting changes.

Fortunately, it is pretty easy to immediately change your pH for the better and make it more alkaline.  Here are a few excellent ideas to include into your regime in the Pre Cleanse stage.

  1. Lemon Water Drink first thing in the morning. Teaspoon of fresh organic lemon juice is warm water.  Results within a couple weeks!
  2. Been Pollen. Organic Bee pollen is rich in alkaline minerals and also numerous B Vitamins…. essential for keeping Homocystein levels down.
  3. Dark Green Leafy veggies are rich in alkaline minerals.  Eg Lightly steamed Kale/Spinach with Avo makes a great salad. Raw Spinach can be used in your fruit smoothies. Each Smoothie is an awesome meal.
  4. Certain teas are alkaline forming. I have found one put out by a German company that is awesome.

In closing its useful to bear in mind that the health implications of a consistently acidic diet are broad ranging… since an acidic diet promotes oxidative stress and inflammation, draws calcium and magnesium from the bones, promotes stress hormone production, encourages fat storage, it has the potential to influence many chronic conditions. From cardiovascular disease to osteoporosis, from obesity to the visible signs of aging, pH matters!

The Alkaline qualities of food reverse these conditions.

The ph strip in the morning from the saliva is a good guage of the direction we are headed.


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