A Five Organ Cleanse/Detox (In the right order) Can Massively Improve Your Health

We have five organs of elimination within our body, and just like any piece of high-tech equipment, when these filters get clogged the ‘machine’ (our body) doesn’t work efficiently or well. Whether through consuming the wrong things or simply eating in excess, our bodies become sluggish, our system becomes run down and it begins to malfunction; in other words you become ill.


Damage done to the intestinal tract by our modern diet is hard to correct, often taking years to repair. Many health professionals focus on the colon, when in fact the accumulated waste lies higher up in the small intestine…all 23ft of it.

Intrusive Colonic Irrigation doesn’t reach the small intestine. We at Art of Detox use a powerful and natural, gentle herbal bowel formula (Intestinal Bulldozer), with a successful multi-decade track record, to allow you to remove years of debris and build-up in the privacy and comfort of your own home.


This powerful elimination organ can get clogged with cholesterol and debris, resulting in deposits called gallstones that clog the liver’s bile ducts. As a result, the lymph (the body’s sewer system) diverts its waste into the system, where other elimination organs have to pick up the burden, frequently this is the skin.

The result: accelerated aging and a knock-on malfunction of other organs. Right – green stones from a fit, middle-aged female vegetarian after her first liver cleanse. Click here to order your copy of our Liver Cleanse E-Handbook and discover how to naturally and easily cleanse the liver for very little cost.


The skin is the body’s largest organ, offering a membrane to your environment. It is an organ of both elimination (expelling between 40 to 60% of all bodily waste) and assimilation (capable of breathing and absorbing food). The clearer your skin, the more effective it is at both functions.

An infrared sauna (FIR sauna) is one of the most effective ways to help the skin detoxify. Other methods include conventional saunas, steam baths, dry skin brushing and rebounding (using a mini trampoline) for a few minutes several times a day to improve circulation.


Every cell in our body requires oxygen in order to live, therefor air is the primary fuel that our body runs on. We can live for weeks without food, days without water, but only a few minutes without air. The better the air quality, the better our bodies do.

The lungs are the easiest organ to work with. Once in the lungs, oxygen is moved in to the blood stream and carried though your body. Our lungs thrive in a cigarette and dust-free environment and offcourse heaps of clean, fresh air. Simple education and a good dose of commonsense go a long way to ensuring they’re happy and healthy.


The kidneys are the hardest working filter or organ in the body and the last to create or show symptoms when failing. This unique detoxification approach easily and naturally dissolves the buildup of kidney crystals and stones that hinder full and effective functionality of this vital cleansing organ.

Lymphatic System


Disease is a franchised and copyrighted “fiction” that mirrors damage done by acid lymph. When this damage done by the acids in the lympatic system becomes acute over time, dis-ease is expressed. Learning to unclogg the lymphatic system (which has been likened to the bodies sewer system), will greatly empower the individual to remain out of harms reach and dis-ease free.

A Short Introduction to Parasites

The effects of parasites and worms upon our health and vitality is an enormous threat that is going unnoticed. From a practical point of view removing and becoming parasite free should be approached from two different angles. Both are equally important and should not be neglected;

1) Remove the worms and parasites that are known to reside in our flesh, bones, joints and organs. These are somewhat easier to remove when an effective De-Wormer is used. The Art of Detox Adult Parasite Cleanse is our De-Wormer of choice for adults.

2) Seek to remove the larger worms and helminths that are found inside of the small and large intestine. The suggested protocol is readily available, and makes use of a nonsystemic approach that stays mostly in the intestinal tract, (very little gets into blood circulation).

The protocol targets parasites during the full moon phase when they enter the intestinal tract and colon for mating and the laying of eggs.

Please email us here for more info on this. Additional reading can be found in this Ebook Parasite strategy

Many people will attempt to remove parasites first, without reducing their toxic load, cleaning up the organs of elimination, or cleaning up the excess waste (feeding ground) which results in them having an unnecessary and unpleasant reaction as the parasite burden is disturbed. The rule here is to follow an order of cleanse, and go slowly. Baby steps, one step at a time. Start by cleaning up the organs of elimination.


Adopt our Art of Detox Strategy

Our Home Detox Kits are designed to empower you with a detox strategy to cleanse the organs of elimination thus improving your elimination and digestive system. Our various Cleanse Kits include Bowel, Liver, Kidney and Parasite Cleanses. Each component can be purchased as an individual item or as a kit.

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