Rope Worm Ebook

A natural approach to Identifying and removing the Human Intestinal Rope Worm.



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Rope Worm E-book

The Rope Worm E-book concisely describes and discusses with photographs, the five stages including the development of the human rope worm.

This newly discovered worm/parasite does not fall under a single known parasite category.

Why these organism have not been previously discovered in this day and age is explored and answered.

Often mistaken for the lining of the intestines or confused with possible tapeworm stages, this parasite has yet to receive official recognition from the mainstream medical community and all cleansing suggestions in the book are experimental.

Only recently DNA testing by a Russian researcher has shown that this is NOT human DNA, and most likely a brand new type of worm.

The Autism community, and many other individuals have, over the last 3 years, seen significant health improvements by learning how to remove this parasite.

One Women removed an astounding 170 feet of parasite, (35 pounds) from her autistic child. The rope worm was found to be a significant part of that burden. Extremely difficult to remove unless you know how.

The book discusses 4 methods for identifying and removing this parasite from the human digestive tract.

Methods included and discussed include a powerful natural Herbal approach, the Patented Russian methods for removal, as well as two brand new methods that are proving to be exceptionally effective.

This aspect is proving to be the missing piece of the puzzle in resolving many human digestive ailments.

The book includes many recent photo’s showing examples of this parasite.

When purchasing the book you will be emailed updates as soon as they become available.

Latest version updated 2 January 2014.


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