“Life is a tragedy of nutrition”
– Arnold Ehret

The true cause of our ‘dis-ease’ and suffering is buried in our faulty notion about what it really means to be healthy, and in our unwillingness to admit the timeless truth of who we really are.

This simple yet effective approach to vibrant wellness is for people who cherish authenticity, and cringe at the notion that they must simply ‘get by’ or even sacrifice their health in order to meet the demands of modern life.

Most medical experts disregard things that cannot be measured. Unfortunately this lack of vision into the hidden casual realms of our body has left the mainstream medical establishment with a woefully inadequate model for cultivating sustainable health. Through its symptom-based approach it often ignores the true cause of illness and disease. is dedicated to a commonsense, preventative approach to ‘dis-ease’. I have had the good fortune to have spent two decades pursuing my interest and passion in this realm on six continents, seeking out the underlying truth to what human wellness is actually about.

Without our health our true potential is restricted. Over the years it has become clear to me that good health doesn’t just happen by accident. I’ve also come to realize that the system we are born into isn’t aligned to our better health. In fact the system doesn’t care! Both the food and medical industries have corporate profit as their priority, at the expense of our health.

Our world today is very different from that of our parents. It is a world of over vaccinations, antibiotics, pollution, radiation, GMO,  foods and plasticizers to name but a few of our threats that are creating enormous fractures within our society. Collectively they are damaging adults and children alike, destroying immune and digestive systems. What has been happening across our society is not a tragedy….But an unfolding catastrophe.

Using natural principles I solved my own long-standing digestive, fatigue and Candida-related challenges and have since gone on to assist scores of individuals who had exhausted mainstream answers to resolve their issues. When shown where to look and when intelligently guided, many have gone on to make significant breakthroughs of their own.

I have shared this model in workshops teaching the benefits of cleansing and detox and explaining how parasites in the body adversely affect our health (few talk about this …most ‘experts’ don’t understand the extent of the problem or have the tools to fix it).

The Art of Detox insights offers you access to the most advanced natural parasite elimination formulas available, supported by a step-by-step ‘weed and feed’ preventative approach using living plant-based nutrition to keep the five elimination organs in top condition.

Focusing on a natural approach, inexpensive, and cost-effective cleanse that can be done at home, allowing you to reclaim your birthright of wellbeing and create a solid foundation for the future.

Once you have optimum health the world becomes a place of infinite possibilities.

Malcolm Slyper 

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