Detox Symptoms

Detoxing literally means that poisons or toxins are being mobilized out of the body. Stopping the intake of toxic substances and Non Human foods, all result in the body changing mode and beginning to seek balance by dropping accumulated substances and poisons back into the blood stream for elimination. The practice of Fasting speeds this process up. Once these poisons are removed from the body, the individual begins to feel more energetic, increasingly vitalized as a sense of wellbeing once again returns.

It is these poisons and toxins held within the body that cause us to feel less than our perky optimum selves, and show up over time as symptoms, illness or worse. When released back out for elimination, they tend to create a cascade of symptoms and less than ideal feelings. These feeling cover a vast range of symptoms that could typically include cravings, feeling a lack of vitality, fatigue, lethargic, tired, mental confusion, brain fog, an onset of a cold or flu, flu like symptoms, muscle aches to name but a few. No two people are alike, and thus their detox symptoms would not be alike. These symptoms are often mistaken for the onset of illness where by the unhappy individual seeks to medicate the symptom not fully understanding the remarkable process that has been activated.

These symptoms may result in the individual being tempted to stop the cleanse, or worse seek medication. If the symptoms are understood for what they are, the individual would be motivated to continue his/her cleanse efforts. Symptoms experienced usually vanish after a day or so once the bowel has moved its waste out. Thus the importance of a  bowel moving its waste on a daily basis whilst under going such cleanse or detox. As the total toxic load of the body reduces so too does the severity of the symptoms. A some point vitality returns.

Art of Detox Symptoms - Thai Massage

Physical massage such as a Thai massage would facilitate the removal of the toxins. Massage stimulates the lymphatic system which is a medical term for the bodies sewer system. The lymphatic system has no pump, and relies on movement to aid the removal of bodily waste from the cells. Massage is an effective way to assist this process.

It is not unusual as these toxins are being dumped into the blood stream for removal (thus the importance of the elimination organs being in fine working condition) that the person craves that which is being released.(very often chemical in composition). It is said that the poisons sting twice. Once on the way in and once on the way out. These chemicals are stored within the fat cells of the body, the detox process releases these substances from the cells. We often crave the processed chemical laden foods that were the source of the toxins.

We often feel tired on the fast or cleanse when detoxing because the body makes use of its energy and internal resources to “clean house”, rather than for external activities. Thus we experience the feeling of lethargy. It is thus important to respect nature at work and rest during this process. Affording as much respect to the process as  if we were on an operating table for a major surgery. We are after all now during the cleanse on natures operating table.

It is most noticeable how the symptoms reduce suddenly after the bowels move, giving us a clue that what we were experiencing was indeed a detox effect taking place. Discipline, preparation and  taking several weeks prior to the event to ensure that the five elimination organs are working at optimum before the cleanse or fast would ensure an orderly and comfortable release of toxins from the body, thus facilitating a relatively easy cleanse process.

Liver and Gallbladder Flush

In this classic interview author, artist and medical intuitive Andreas Moritz speaks about the Liver and Gallbladder flush as a miracle cleanse to improve ones health.

Where Do I Get My Protein From?

  • Exceptional sources of protein are: Spirulina, bee pollen, hemp protein, most fruit, sprouts and raw brown rice protein.
  • More ordinary sources of protein are: Nuts, seeds, green leafy veggies, fruit, gogi berries, sea vegetables and millet.
  • Less than great sources of protein: All soy products, the down sides out weigh the benefits.
  • Least optimum source of protein from both an efficiency and a health point of view: Protein sources that come from animals or by products of animals

What About Milk and Dairy?

Milk Dairy Detox

Using nature as a guidline, the question that begs to be asked…Is there any other animal in the animal kingdom that drinks the milk of another animal?

There-in lies our answer. Giving up diary is possibly the single greatest improvement we can make to your health for immediate and long lasting effect.

Cow milk is a high fat fluid designed to raise a 65 pound baby calf into a 400 pound full grown cow within a year.

Human milk was specifically designed  to raise a 7 pound baby human to 28 pound child and to the point where it had been weaned of the breast and be fed more solid foods.

Feeding a human cow milk or worse pasteurized cow milk, or even worse homoganized milk comes at a price. The price is paid with our health.

What Do I Need To Know About Grains?

The act of pasterizing milk de-natures the calcium within making it in-accesable to the body.

Calorie for calorie brocolli contains more protein than animal protein. Calorie for calorie fruit contains in excess of 10 times more calcium than grains.

Fruit contains the perfect ratio of calcium as needed by the body along with other alkaline minerals, all perfectly packaged by nature in the ratio of intended uptake. Fruit and veggies are the number best source of minerals and vitamins that best match our nutritional needs, this includes calcium.

What about Grains?

A Grain is not a natural food for humans. Most grains cannot be eaten in their raw state. If the food (in this case a grain) needs to be cooked to be eaten then its not a true human food.  The consumption thereof will always come with a health price. The same does not hold true for fruits and green leafy veggies eaten in their raw state.

A grain historically is an emergency food, or starvation food used in times of famine. Grains typically stored well thus were traditionally handy when other foods where in shortage. Grains to our detriment are highly mucus forming. They contain opiates (part of the opium family), making them highly addictive (try resisting a slice of bread placed in front of you when hungry). Grains are usually acid forming.

When consumed, grains ferment which is something that almost always happens when  consumed…. to some degree or another. The result is that acetic acid is formed. Acetic acid stimulates the adrenals, and eventually the thyroid into hyperactivity. Thus the short term hyperthyroidism is followed by long term hypothyroidism. Thus grains have an adverse affect on thyroid function.

As mentioned by both Dr Doug Graham (a world class Olympic Trainer and author of “Grain Damage”), as well as by Dr J Mercola, most grains break down to sugar  rapidly and thus result in the same issues and problems found with insulin dys-regulation.

The consumption of grains for the above reasons they are not human foods, and should be avoided in the pursuit of better health.

“Grains are for the birds” Ross Horne As Dr Doug Graham states in his book (recommended reading), Grain Damage – Rethinking the High Starch Diet, “Our greatest nutrient needs are for water and simple carbohydrates; starches provide neither, while fruits are the best source of both.”

Interestingly enough, the Chinese characters for “fasting” literally translates into “avoiding grains”.

The Truth About Fruit and Fruit Sugars

There is a significant difference between Complex Carbohydrates and Simple Carbohydrates. Every single cell in our body is fueled by simple carbohydrates (fructose and glucose). The body will always break down the complex carbohydrate into a simple carbohydrate. This process is energy intensive.

Whole grains have been recommended as our dietary staple over fruits due to unfounded fears that the sugars in quantities of fruit will enter the bloodstream too quickly, upset the normal blood sugar levels, and result in the dangerous over-production of triglycerides. Modern society has bought this flawed myth hook line and sinker, at great expense to human health.

Fruit was therefore rejected by Nathan Pritikin (1915 – 1985), an American nutritionist and longevity research pioneer. Pritikin in seeking to eradicate heart disease replaced animal foods with whole grains as a principle source of nourishment.

In doing so he mistakenly grouped the natural sugars contained in fruit in with other sugars. This is a mistake that has had far reaching consequence to our collective health as civilized society.

Going one step further, most “experts” categorize fruit sugars with processed cane sugars used across the western world in all forms of “food” and sweets. This is a classic case of throwing the baby out with the bath water.

In addition to being rich with naturally structured water, fruit carbohydrates also supply us with much more abundant vitamins and minerals than any starches. A particularly important vitamin we must get from food sources, vitamin C, is most plentiful in fruits. All of the nutrients  that whole grains are touted for are better supplied by fruits and vegetables. There is no nutrient needed to support perfect health in humans that cannot be amply supplied by fruits, vegetables nut and seeds in their whole, raw, unprocessed form.

Calorie for calorie, fruits contain between 10 – 100 times as much calcium and other alkaline minerals as do those pesky grains. Our body’s only true fuel is carbohydrates in the form of simple sugar, glucose, of which fruit is by far the most efficient source. Any other fuel sources such as complex carbs, grains, starches, fat, or proteins, require far more effort to digest and utilize.

Fruit sugars (eaten away from fats) will go directly to nourish all the cells in your body with their PRIMARY source of fuel, simple sugars, and will cause a gentle, natural and immediate rise and fall in  blood sugar, with no sudden spikes or dips.

It is difficult to overeat on fruit because the brain monitors  blood sugar levels, and sends a message to decrease appetite when the blood sugar rises. This is not done when consuming complex carb type food such as bread, pasta etc, which leads to over eating.

This is part of the key to understanding the obesity that sweeps the modern world. Toxins loaded into our food source thanks to a flood of chemicals is the other elusively obvious key.

Parasites – Understanding the heart of the problem

Parasites are not so much the problem as opposed to being symptomatic of a much greater problem. They are merely natures answer to the true problem – An overly acidic terrain, along with excess waste.

Natures sends parasites, bacteria, fungus and virus’s to help clear up the terrain. An acid terrain within the body is the result of consuming non human foods, ie food that are deficient or low in alkaline minerals.

Alkaline minerals are required to maintain human health. A plant based source is the only true  source of such plant based minerals. There are no short cuts in this. Cheating nature always results in the law of consequence being invoked.

Correct the terrain and the problem tends to go away.

Parasites within humans are a result of an unnatural diet, leading to an acidic environment within the body characterized by too much internal excess waste.

It matters not so much as to what type of parasite is within the body, but what matters most is ensuring the body remains parasite free. This is where a top quality effective parasite herbal formulae comes to the rescue. Weeding for parasites is a life long endeavor.

Parasites have long been the scourge of human health. The ancients knew this, which is possibly what caused the spice trade to be so valuable for centuries. Spices have well known anti parasitical qualities.

When it comes to parasites and worms, we are not quite as far up the food chain as we would like to think we are.

Parasites and worms are ultimately responsible for our demise. The longer we can stay worm free, the longer we can maintain optimum levels of vibrancy and health.

Parasites Symptoms

The following, individually or collectively is a non exhaustive listing of possible parasite symptoms.

1. Fatigue / apathy / depression
2. Inability to concentrate / poor memory
3. Flu-like symptoms / nausea / vomiting
4. Sleep disturbances
5. Nervousness / anxiety / restlessness
6. Skin rashes / hives / acne / sores / itchiness
7. Itchy ears, nose, anus
8. Joint pain / muscle aches
9. Digestive disturbances – gas / bloating / cramping
10. Coughing / wheezing
11. Diarrhea / constipation
12. Multiple food allergies
13. Sugar craving
14. Unexplained weight loss or weight gain
15. Men – sexual dysfunction
16. Women – PMS / menstrual irregularities
17 Drooling whilst sleeping

The Four Causes of Acidosis

It so turns out, the quality of our health is the result of a set of very simple rules. When we play by the rules and you have the best chance for optimum health. The rules are simple.

The Four Causes of Acidosis, or Declining alkalinity, are:

First, the use of ten times as much concentrated protein daily as is required for tissue replacement, and this is just the habit in the west where we are heavy users of meats, eggs, fish, cheese, and all sorts of concentrated protein dishes;

Second, the use of refined, processed, denatured, emasculated, bleached, preserved, adulterated, or otherwise altered foods, chiefly the carbohydrate group, comprising the grains and sugars

Fourth, the retention in the colon of fermenting food residues beyond twenty-four hours following their ingestion, while the average is seventy-two hours.


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