Lymphatic System

Misunderstood and Under Appreciated

The Lymphatic system is easily the most misunderstood and mis-appreciated system in the Human Body.

An understanding of the lymphatic system allows us a liberating view through the veil of cultural ignorance and indoctrination on disease. It allows us to heal from the most dreadful conditions at the level of cause.

The Lymphatic system is three times the size of the blood/circulatory system.

The Lymphatic system has no pump, and relies on movement and muscle contraction.

The Lymph is the bodies sewer system. The lymph’s purpose is to transport waste from the cells out of the body and down the toilet. It is said that 99% of our problems come from lymph/sewer that is blocked or backed up. Stick with me this gets really fascinating.

Lymphatic System

The Lymphatic waste coming out of the cell is highly acidic (ph3), the lymph system will elegantly raise this ph and deliver the waste to the kidneys at a higher acceptable ph for filtration and elimination.

The Illusion of Disease

There are two theories on disease relating to the workings of the Lymphatic system. These two approaches are the Allopathic theory (The use of pharmacologically active agents or physical interventions to treat or suppress symptoms) and the Natural Healing paradigm.

The allopathic model suggests that disease resulting from swelling, cysts, cancers, pain and suffering are blamed on some mysterious virus, bacteria, tick, pesky microbe or other scape goat. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The above fallacy is accentuated by a lack of understanding of the bodies major fluid system, the lymph. Instead mainstreams focus on the blood has sold humanity down a path of needless suffering, misery and disease for centuries.

Disease has everything to do with the Lymphatic system, or the cesspool stagnation thereof, which is not only prone to backing up and overwhelm, but also becomes a feeding ground for bacteria pathogens and parasites.

When the Lymphatic system is corrected, you see for your self that the allopathic model doesn’t fit.

A Bunch of Cells and Two Major Fluids

The body could be summarized as being a bunch of cells (100 trillion of them approximately), and two major fluids.

These two fluids are mainly comprised of blood and lymph.

The blood delivers oxygen and nutrients to the cell. The lymph removes waste from the cell for elimination via the kidneys.

These two fluids take care of the health of the cell. Each cells consumes, and eliminates. Every organism in nature eats and eliminates. Plants eat and eliminate, animals eat and eliminate, babies eat and eliminate, all human eat and eliminate. Going down to the microscopic level, every cell eats and eliminates.

Lymphatic System

We eat to feed the 100 trillion cells, ultimately these cells feed on carbon and oxygen. The cell then gives off waste for eventual elimination.

This cellular waste needs to be removed from the cell. It is the lymphatic systems job to do this.

The medical systems theory is that the waste is pumped back into the venous system and thus back into circulation. Massage Schools have also bought onto this theory and teach drainage back to the heart. This theory is deeply flawed and akin to saying that you empty your household sewage back into the your kitchen.

So we know the human body is made up of a bunch of cells and two major fluids. Blood moves quickly around the body comprising of roughly ¼ of the volume of the entire fluid in system.

The lymph on the other hand is a thicker mucus lipid based (cholesterol) liquid. Mucosa lines your mouth, your sinus’s, intestines and is part of that lymphatic system, all part of a gigantic sewer system. It so happens to make up of the bodies main immune system.

The blood dumps into the lymph system that which it doesn’t want and cant integrate back into the blood.

Arteries bring fresh blood to the cell. Veins take away the used up blood. There are capillaries on the venous side, and there are separate capillaries on the lymph side.

The venous capillaries are too small for proteins, acids and cell to be returned into the arterial system, thus preventing the body from dumping its waste back into the system. The waste must go the lymph way and into the lymph vessels and ultimately to the kidneys/skin.

The lymph vessels are akin to the sewer pipes going from the house to the yard outside for removal into a septic tank or municipal sewage.

The individual goes to the toilet, drops the waste into the toilet, flushes and its pushed through a pipe to the septic tank.

Same in the human body. The body sends its waste from the cell to hundreds of little septic tanks called lymph nodes.

Understanding that the Lymph system is the human bodies sewer system, and to better understand the workings of the lymphatic system we can take a brief glimpse at how a septic tank system works.

A Short Explanation on How a Septic Tank Works.
The septic tank system is a rural house’s mechanism to remove waste from the house and dispose of it. As you know each time you flush a toilet, the water and waste travels out of the house and into the Septic Tank. The septic tank is a buried, water-tight container away from the house, which holds the wastewater from the house long enough to allow solids to settle down to the bottom forming sludge where these settled solids are anaerobically digested by bacteria, reducing the volume of solids, while the oil and grease floats to the top as scum which is further drained away.

The excess liquid, now in a relatively clear condition, then drains from the outlet into the drainfield to be drained back into the earth.

Lymphatic System

Mainstream medical erroneously believes that emptied waste goes back into the venous system from the lymph nodes.

The lymph nodes are full of immune cells and bacteria. The lymph nodes act as septic tanks, hundreds of them using an anaerobic bacterial environment to decomposes and clean the waste discharged into these little tanks.

In those instances when the medical professional notices a swollen or cancerous lymph gland they frequently turn to surgery to remove the offending gland.

In our house analogy above, if the septic tank is full or blocked, and we use the toilet in this condition, pretty soon the blocked system will run over and spills into house. A plumber is called who then suggests removing the septic tank instead of simply stopping the use of the toilet for a while, cleaning the tank and allowing the system to drain. Cutting out the lymph node is the same as removing the septic tank. The absurdity of this boggles the mind.

From the nodes the waste doesn’t go back into the system, but to the outside via the kidneys and skin.

The Role of The Kidneys and Skin
We have two kidneys that eliminate waste. Additionally our skin being the largest organ of elimination also eliminates cellular waste via the perspiration, sweating and fever.

The fever is one of the many responses that the body uses to increase its basal metabolism, where by temperature to fight off the effects of unfriendly microorganisms. This increases the rate that chemical reactions take place in the body. This increased metabolism helps the body regain balance. It has also been noted that many microorganisms have difficulty synthesizing certain essential nutrients at increased temperatures and that the fever of acute illness is important in giving the body the upper hand.

Fever, vomiting, diarrhea, and inflammation all have very important functions in the recovery of health, if these processes are interfered with through the indiscriminate use of drugs, surgery, even “natural” therapeutics, this interference with the body’s self-healing mechanisms may prevent it from making a complete recovery. The invasion treatment may be successful in eliminating the symptoms, but it may actually make the individual less healthy.

Flu or fever symptoms are indicative of a potentially clogged lymphatic system, The doctor tries to stop the fever with the use of a drug based approach rather than attending to the clogged lymphatic system. He inadvertently kills the bacteria within the lymph nodes through the use of antibiotics. In doing so he stops the body eliminating its sewage, but the sewage is still there. This practice is born out of wanting a quick fix and ignoring how the lymphatic system really works.

The first port of call in the flu case should be to stop eating for a day or two, thus allowing the system to get ahead of its waste.

The purpose of the kidneys is to filter and eliminate cellular waste not digestive waste. Very little cellular waste goes through the colon. Even the colon pumps its waste through the kidneys.


Your urine should be more dense than water, sinking to the bottom of the toilet as it contains the sewage. If your urine is clear it implies that you are not filtering your lymph. Its at this point that symptoms and problems start…pain swelling etc.

The Role of the Adrenal Glands.
The adrenal glands play a vital role in controlling the kidneys. They also run the autonomous nervous system, neurotransmitters, and endocrine glands, not to mention affecting your elimination from stool to urine. (The use of steroids shut down the adrenals.)

Our fast paced modern life style lends itself to depleting or burning out the adrenals. Any attempt to work with the lymph should include nourishing and restoration of the adrenals as part of that recovery. Herbs and botanicals fortunately come to the rescue in restoring adrenal health along with obvious lifestyle changes.

Fascinating Chemistry of the Lymph You Didn’t Know.

Since cellular waste is acid on the PH range, holding a Ph of approx. 3. The lymph fluid needs to be alkaline prior to delivery to the kidneys, ideally ph 5 and above to prevent kidney damage.

The lymph fluid is a thick mucus lipid (cholesterol) liquid and has the ability to attend to the acid side of chemistry with cellular waste.

The bacteria in the lymph nodes consume the acid waste and thus raises the Ph towards 6 making it more acceptable for the the kidneys to process.

A clogged lymphatic system will ultimately back up into the skin. When the skin gets backed up with acids, rashes and Eczema skin related issues occur. Releave the stagnation, unclog the system and the issues tend to recede.

In summary lymph has two mechanism for regulating acids. These two mechanisms are Bacteria, and Cholesterol.

We make the lymph systems chemistry easier by refraining from consuming acid forming foods and foods that clogg the system up. (Dairy, animal products, grains etc).

acid forming foods

Cleaning the Lymph

Fruits,veggies and herbs will clean the blood. To get to the lymph we need to go through the blood. Veggies will not clean the lymph, only raw fruits, melons, berries and herbs can do this.Some fruits are better cleansers than others. The acid and sub acid fruits are the optimal means of cleaning lymph. It is this principal that we use with the Orange Juice method of Fasting.

Diluted orange juice as a sub acid fruit cleans the lymph and at the same time has enough simple sugars to feed the brain so as to induce a deep fast within several days, without the use of only water.

To do this kidneys to be functioning and adrenals should be up and running, bearing in mind that the adrenals are a master regulating gland.

Diluted orange juice as an acid fruit cleans the lymph and at the same time has enough simple sugars to feed the brain so as to induce a deep fast within several days, without the use of only water.

To do this kidneys need to be functioning and adrenals should be up and running. The adrenals are a master regulating glands.

There are several mechanism available to us to keep the lymphatic system in good working order. Below are ten proposed guidelines to help us achieve this worthy objective.

Our ideal salvation is to use fruits and botanicals or herbs to do this. Thus begins the process of truly unwinding the damage created in your body with the knife and fork.

Acid Fruits
Sub-Acid Fruits

10 Easy To Do Methods for Maintaining A Healthy Lymphatic System

Swollen lymph glands or sore points on the lymph lines are an easy way to tell that your lymph system is backed up. What follows are ten relatively easy to do ideas to work on your lymphatic system.

  1. Stop eating for a day or two (mini fast), or even longer fasts allowing the lymphatic system to catch up with the backlog of waste. Fasting experts suggest fasting one day a week, 1 weekend per month, and 1 week per year. Orange Juice fasting is our juice fast of choice.
  2. Refrain from eating foods that burden and clog the lymphatic system, these are mainly the animal and dairy products.
  3. Refrain from over eating. The ideal is one primary meal per day. Refrain from eating after 6pm, giving the body ample time to digest and cleanse.
  4. Consume sweet melons and fruit for breakfast, eaten on their own. Fruits melons and berries have a cleansing effect on the lymph. A mono fruit meal is best if able.
  5. Various herbal formulas are available that will facilitate the unclogging of blocked elimination channels and cleansing of the lymph. Kidney, Lymph and Adrenal formulas are suggested, as is the use of the Lower Bowel Balance formula.
  6. A daily exercise regime will encourage movement, which stimulates the lymph.
  7. Master the use of the “sitz bath”. A technique dating back to the 1800’s using hot and cold water therapy. The subject of a future article.
  8. The use of a Far Infra Red (FIR) Sauna will heat the core of the body, raising the bodies temperature, thinning the lymph, encourage perspiration and elimination of toxins via the skin.
  9. The use of indigenous Amazonian Sacred Frog Medicine called Sapo or Kambo, which results in a thorough purging and cleansing of the entire lymphatic system within the space of 30 minutes. Not for the feint of heart.
  10. Regular Thai massage significantly assists in the drainage and movement of lymph.

An Easy to Follow Solution to Cleaning up Your Elimination Organs.

A clean non processed preferably vegan or vegetarian diet is the primary approach to cultivating all round vitality and health.

Aside from diet, cleaning up the bodies major organs of elimination remains the most powerful strategy for taking responsibility for your own vibrant health and well-being. For a decade, the Home Detox Kit is our tool of choice.

Once the organs of elimination are effectively processing their waste, one can dig a little deeper by means of a fast, or focusing on cleaning out the lymphatic system with herbs or addressing the kidneys or the pancreas.

We will shortly be launching a Lymphatic Cleanse kit, targeting the Lymphatic system, Kidneys and Adrenals with one herbal formula kit best suited to restore all three of these aspects. These three formulas contain the best of best North American herbs dating back two centuries or more blended into an “Adult Use Only” formulas to address enhancing the lymphatic system.

Lymphatic Cleanse and Restore Kit

Master Herbalist Formulated: Made from Wild Crafted Herbs.
An Experimental Formula. Not to be used by Pregnant Women.
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Lymphatic Cleanse and Restore Kit.

The Lymphatic system is easily the most misunderstood and mis-appreciated system in the Human Body. The blood delivers oxygen and nutrients to the cell. The lymphatic system removes waste from the cell for elimination ideally via the kidneys. It is for this reason that your kidneys should be in good working order, which is why the Kidney Cleanse is included the Lymphatic Cleanse Kit. The adrenal glands regulate the kidneys as well as the autonomous nervous system, neurotransmitters, and endocrine glands. They affect elimination from stool to urine. Stress in our lives have a depleting effect on the Adrenals.

Suited for day to day use, but best results obtained when used as a Fasting Kit. Comprised of 3 components, a lymphatic cleanse tincture 4oz, A kidney Restore tincture 4 oz, and an Adrenal Restore tincture 4oz all designed to help you achieve a deeper and more significant Fast/Detoxing experience.

The kit is best suited to be used over the duration of the Fast, but can be used for improved day to day living.  A predominantly fruit diet will see even greater possibilities from the kit.

The kit is also ideally suited for the feeding hours prior to and after a Dry Fast. (Dry Fasting is an advanced fasting technique not recommended for beginners. A separate guidelines will be published covering this topic.)

*Not suitable for children, pregnant or lactating women.
**These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
***This product has not been tested for Prop 65 chemicals known to cause cancer, birth defects or reproductive harm in the state of California under California law.



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