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What you do not eat is as important as what you DO eat.

Unlike whole foods as mother nature intended, processed foods such as commercial salad dressings, cookies, crisps, french fries, crackers, croutons, boxed cereals, grocery store cooking oil, corn, soy and other cooking oils and margarine all harbor a stealth poison which is a major cause of illness sweeping across the modern world.

Stealth Poisons
This stealth poison takes the form of hydrogenated oils, also known as “trans fatty acids”. A Trans fatty acid is an abnormally twisted molecule that winds up in the cell of our body. The hydrogenation process used for food preservation that inadvertently creates these trans fatty acids triggers extensive damage to the cell walls and its basic chemistry.

The process of hydrogenating vegetable oils results in longer shelf life for all oils but at the expense of the end consumers health.

One study (Innis) showed that crackers, crutons and french fries have the highest levels of Trans fatty acid making up the food ..a whopping 37-41%.

Oil change

Its All in The Label
More and more packaged foods are claiming to be free of trans fat even though partially hydrogenated oils are still included on their ingredients lists. Can you spot the paradox in the label above?!

Unfortunately, labeling regulations require that products containing any amount of trans fat list that fat as one of the ingredients. This is very often listed as “partially hydrogenated oil. If that amount of trans fat is less than 0.5 grams, manufacturers are actually allowed to say that their product contains zero trans fats in the nutrition information. Manufacturers can then market their product as being trans fat-free as per the example above.

Effects of Heat On Food Oils
The high heat used in the preservation process changes the oil molecule and at the same time the fat molecule is twisted in such a way that damage to cell chemistry is done. Rather than protecting the cell, the cell membrane is compromised and actually promotes disease. This takes the individual down the slippery slope to cancer, heart disease and a plethora of other dis-eases associated to modern convenience.

Once the trans fatty acid molecule gets into the fatty acid sandwich of the cell membrane (skin surrounding the cell) it sabotages the natural health of the cell. They have the effect of eliminating the good oils from the cell membrane, making you more susceptible to every toxin and infectious agent. Hormone receptors don’t function properly and allergies begin to surface. Inter cellular communication becomes compromised.


Symptoms of Cell Damage
A symptom of the trans fatty acid replacing the good oils in the cell membrane or mitochondrial membrane inside of the cell is a continual struggle to loose weight and a nagging inability to be vibrant and energetic. Ever wondered why you feel like you are “running on empty” all of the time? Disease is accelerated along with every facet of the aging process. So until the body’s chemistry is completely returned to normal, healing any condition is rather challenging.

The good part is that we can give our cells a much needed oil change. Here is how….

The Easiest way to Undo the Damage
Ready to command an oil change in your body? Just by stopping the intake of these Trans Fatty Acid food types is akin to giving your body an oil change. Over the consecutive days and weeks the body will begin to detoxify it’s self provided no offending foods are consumed.

The names often disguise the offending poison. Avoid anything that has these words on the label (its all on the label…) Hydrogenated oil, partially Hydrogenated oil, soy oil, vegetable oil, safflower oil, shortening and cottonseed oil.

In our modern life, trans fatty acids have done more for creating disease than any other solo manufacturing ploy. Polyunsaturated hydrogenated oils act like fertilizer for cancer making it spread and metastasize. The statistics for heart disease alone could be cut in half just by getting rid of trans fatty acids in the diet. There is no other dietary change, medicine or surgery in the world that has this kind of power and potential. The choice is yours.

An oil change of this type takes anywhere from three to nine months depending on the severity of the damage done, and your ability to avoid future transgressions. Eating out more than once every two weeks runs the risk of in-advertant exposure to them hidden in restaurant foods undoing all your good work. The prize is worth the effort.

Testing for Trans Fatty Acid Levels
Trans fatty acids are easily measured in the body to check for correct levels of all fatty acids in the cells using a “Fatty Acid Analysis”. Easy to do in assistance with your medical professional. Knowing what the levels and readings are will give you a measure to work off allowing progress checks to be made.

So Which Oils Do I Use?
From a practical point of view use cold pressed Extra-Virgin olive oil (Extra-virgin olive oil is considered an unrefined oil since it’s not treated with chemicals or altered by temperature.) or even coconut oil for food preparation. Both are un processed. Hemp seed or even macadamia nut oil will also do the trick provided they are cold pressed and non hydrogenated.

The daily use of organic cod liver oil that is mercury free is a well recognized method of placing good quality oils back into the cell.

How to Go Even Deeper into Cleanse
Even greater leverage can be achieved by doing a short to medium duration Fast after a month of two of a healthier diet. The bodies innate intelligence will assist in cleaning out junk oil at the cellular level.

Reference: “The High Blood Pressure Hoax” – Dr Sherry Rogers 2005

Looking for an Easy Way to Kick-Start the Healing?

There is no finer way of cleaning accumulated toxins from the cells than joining a supervised Fasting Retreat to guide your through a Fast.
Art of Detox is conducting their annual supervised Fast and Detox in Chang Mai Thailand with a small select group of dedicated healthy orientated people, September 5-16th 2018.

Not only will we be embarking upon this inner adventure into ourselves using a ten day Juice Fast, but will also be assisting the Fast with one of the most remarkable herbal bowel formulas ever made (no need for invasive colonic irrigation).

To assist in the removal of toxins we will be assisting the Fast with the daily use of the Chi Nei Tsang (CNT) abdominal massage.

The CNT massage is a little known secret – the only one of its kind that gets deep into the abdominal area releasing accumulated emotions and deeply held toxic debris stored within the abdominal area. The practitioners at the retreat often have ten years of experience at this style of massage alone. When used several times over the duration of the Fast results verge on profound. A Demonstration of the CNT massage can be seen below.

To facilitate the prompt removal of toxins via the skin (largest organ of elimination) we will be making use of a long establish Japanese technology known as a FIR Sauna. Since the sixties the Japaneses have been world leaders in using Far Infra Red saunas to detox the skin of plastics, heavy metals and other deeply held gunk.

No other Fasting Retreat pays as much attention to the removal of parasites as do we. Human Internal Parasites and Worms are the 1000 pound gorilla in the room sabotaging human health. People are often in awe to find what has been living within them without paying rent. Knowing how to get them out is key!

When these modalities are all used in a synergistic manner along with expert guidance a phenomenal turn around in well being and vitality is experienced.

Fasting And Detox Retreat

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