The liver is rather a remarkable organ. It rests in the right side of the abdomen, where it has earned more than its name. The name “Liver” stems from an Old English word for “life.”

The liver is one of the body’s seven organs of elimination, (Colon, Kidney, Skin, Lungs, Tongue, Lymphatic system, and the Liver) and weighs in at anywhere between 1-2 kg in the average size male. The liver is by and large responsible for a remarkable variety of rather important, life-sustaining and health-promoting chores within our bodies. The medical fraternity documents well over 500 such chores. These tasks range from acting as a pharmacy for the body’s needs, detoxifying the body, and not to mention facilitating weight management.

Integral to countless metabolic processes, the liver supports the digestive system, controls blood sugar and regulates fat storage. It’s interesting to note that the liver produces more proteins than any other organ in the body.

In the case of ladies, the liver keeps the female menstrual cycles running smoothly.

One of your liver’s most important functions is to chemically break down anything and everything that enters the body. In short, it facilitates the detoxification of anything that enters the body.

It is the liver’s job to differentiate between nutrients. It needs to absorb and filter the dangerous or unnecessary substances that must be filtered out of the bloodstream.

The by product of this filtration process is the formation of Gallstones which are formed in the liver. They are mostly created from cholesterol. Cholesterol is a wax like substance and is manufactured by the liver. Cholesterol has a number of essential roles to play within the body. Among the essential roles of cholesterol are to help insulate nerves and to create hormones.

A good 90+% of gallstones are not really stones, but waxy deposits or agglomerations of coagulated cholesterol. The stones often vary in size from that of a pin head up to the size of an unshelled walnut or even bigger.

The term “cholesterol” is used for both the cholesterol you eat (dietary cholesterol, which has the bad reputation) and the cholesterol produced in your body. Your liver makes about 80 percent of the cholesterol in your blood (blood cholesterol). Only about 20 percent comes from your diet. Animal products that you eat, such as meat and dairy foods, contain dietary cholesterol. Vegetables do not. Vegetable Fats/Oils in the raw state do not contribute to the detrimental type of cholesterol as found in animal products.

Additionally some types of cholesterol have been scientifically found to dissolve the less than desirable cholesterol. It is this quality that we shall make later use of with our second “Plant Fat” method to dissolve the gallstones that are formed and clogg the livers numerous bile ducts leading to a loss of efficiency within this vital organ. This is discussed extensively the Secrets of Liver Cleanse E-book.

Using the liver cleanse methods in this book you will eliminate even the largest of these stones, without pain or discomfort, with the ultimate aim of keeping the bile ducts open and flowing.

For more information on the Secrets of Liver Cleanse E-book, please click here.

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