Introduction to parasites

“I believe the single most undiagnosed health challenge in the history of the human race is parasites”
Dr. Ross Anderson, one of America’s foremost parasitic infection specialists

The word parasite comes from the Greek word ‘parasitos’ meaning one who eats at another’s table. All mammals face the health challenges of parasites, humans included. Parasites are nature’s way of ensuring ‘survival of the fittest’.

It is estimated that one in four humans host intestinal parasites of some sort. Some sources would even call that a conservative estimate. Astoundingly parasites are not considered a wide spread problem within mainstream health circles.


What Do You Need To Know And How Can You Tackle The Problem?

Getting rid of parasites is no simple matter. Whether you choose to take the herbal or a pharmaceutical approach to get rid of a parasite problem, do not for one moment believe anyone who claims that a 3-day or 30-day program will be sufficient.

De-worming is a lifelong habit that needs to be kept up. People are quick to de-worm their pets, yet don’t consider that they too need a maintenance program to ensure good health. Some parasites such as the Round Worm have a two to three month life cycle. To break this cycle several months of active parasite treatment may be required.

Dr Andreas Kalker who along with several open minded practitioners are curing the symptoms known as autism with parasite protocols. To do this they recommend at the very least three months of initial parasite treatment followed by a regular lifelong maintenance schedule.

If the health challenges are more dire, then a longer approach will be required.  Most people are not even aware of their underlying parasite load, allowing these parasites to silently munch away at us, at our expense and health. They become silent killers claiming the lives of their unsuspecting victims who go about their day oblivious to the fact that they are being consumed from within.


The specimen on the left above and in the middle above came out with a liver cleanse and Adult Parasite Cleanse Formula.

The specimen on the right above is an example of the Human Rope Worm.

Effects of Parasites

The effects of parasites on humans are almost as numerous as the kinds of parasites themselves. In general a parasite damages us in one or more of three ways;

  • By robbing us of food not yet assimilated
  • By mechanically injuring our tissues or organs and
  • By the formation of excretions which act as poisons, resulting in physical emotional and mental health issues.

The Ascaris worm as an example produces five known toxins. These are, but not limited to ammonia, histamine, morphine, formaldehyde and malondialdehyde. These contribute to the symptoms we know as autism. Ammonia leads to seizures, brain fatigue, tremors and flapping in autistic children.

Morphine will inhibit nerve reactions and slow gut peristalsis, resulting in constipation. As you can see these parasites are super smart and have evolved to survive over several million years.

Some parasite and worms are microscopic and some are large enough to be seen with the naked eye and can reach remarkable sizes up to several feet in length. Examples of some that can be seen with the naked eye are Roundworm, Tapeworm, Pinworms, Flukes, and the newly discovered ‘Human Rope’ worm to name but a few.

The most common infestations are intestinal, affecting rich and poor alike. Modern jet transport and human migration has facilitated in the spreading of these parasitic pests. No longer are they a mere Third World problem occurring in the tropics. It is for this reason that knowing how, and critically, having the means to be able to remain parasite free is of utmost importance to each of us and our families if good health is sought.

All worms have but one goal in life: to reproduce! Treating parasites with a poison does not work – for the simple reason that poisons are toxic to the human body and do not break the parasite life cycle.

Worms and parasites can be contracted by any one of the following common vectors (pathways).

  1. Pets frequently pass parasites and eggs to humans by direct contact, or being in our houses. Humans and animals should be de-wormed regularly.
  2. Consuming contaminated meat including pork and or fish (sushi)
  3. Contact direct or indirect with an infected person, even sexually.
  4. Transmission from mother to fetus.
  5. Poorly washed or contaminated vegetables and fruits.
  6. Direct exposure to soil contaminated with human or animal excrement.
  7. Worm activity often results in an itchy anus which could cause the child/person to scratch, thus depositing eggs underneath the finger nails, which are then re-ingested and transferred to others by touch.

Parasite infestations are frequently not detected through conventional medical testing methods. Medical testing looks for either eggs or living parasites. A live worm in the stool is extremely rare. Eggs only show up on certain days of the month and may thus be missed. Very often the body digest the parasite die off, and thus the load remains undetected.

For symptoms of parasites and worms click here.


It is highly unlikely that a person will have only one parasite type. Parasites usually co-exist with several different types. If not properly tackled a person runs the risk of upsetting the balance and making the situation worse. Parasites and their larvae are well known to migrate to various organs and parts of the body.

It is for this reason that a thorough and systematic approach is required over a suitable period of time. Our non-toxic approach uses the most advanced and powerful herbal anti-parasite formulas available, that empowers the blood stream to seek and destroy unwanted parasite life, whilst allowing the removal and ongoing control of potential parasitic infestations.

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All parasite protocols should ideally be started at the time of the Full Moon. There is direct correlation between lunar activity and parasite activity, so starting your cleanse at this time will maximize your results.

Parasites do not have complex digestive systems. They rely on bacteria, fungus and virus within them for their digestion. Thus when they die, they release an unwanted payload which affects us adversely. It is for this reason that we strongly recommend the use of the Lower Bowel Formulae to quickly facilitate the removal of the dead parasites burden.

The prize of perspective is experience. Using our herbal approach, whether it be the Adult Parasite Cleanse formula or the powerful Advanced Parasite Cleanse, more often than not produces results within 24 hours.

These wild crafted herbal formulas are hand blended, and have an outstanding eighteen year track record of being the very best natural approach for parasite removal.  For more on what goes into making an excellent De-wormer click here.

Parasite cleansing within humans and our pets is a lifelong endeavor, requiring constant effort and regular maintenance. Breaking the life cycle requires at the very least 30 days of cleansing, followed by regular maintenance.

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