Fish Tapeworm

Alaskan King Salmon as found in the Copper River are well known for having some of the highest concentrations of fish tapeworm in the world. The same delicious Salmon is found at a well known US Health Food chain.

One women reported having a 30 feet long fish tape worm she got from eating Alaskan King Salmon from the Copper river that contained the larvae. Which led us to learn that  the Japanese are experts at tape worm removal.

The Japanese have the highest rates of tapeworm infestation in the world as a result from eating raw fish. Japanese have a procedure whereby they inject contrast dye into the illeocecal valve, resulting in the tapeworm releasing. They are experts in this field because because of high rates of tapeworm infestation thanks —all from eating raw fish.

How do you know if you have a tapeworm? Here are symptoms commonly seen:

  • Tapeworms bite you when hungry—that is when you haven’t eaten for awhile. This is usually on your right side in the area of the illeocecal valve where they like to attach.
  • You eat all the time yet you look emaciated. (although not all people loose weight)
  • Peeling lips, ridged fingernails, dull hair, rough skin: Tapeworms extract your nutrients to the extent that all the “luxury” parts of you suffer.
  • Puffy eyes
  • Severe B12 deficiency (only in case of fish tapeworm)
  • Severe fatigue
  • No sleep on full moon nights

Heavy roundworm load can cause all these symptoms too (no biting though). Light to moderate roundworm load cause a corresponding lighter symptom picture.

Editors note: Be sure to cook your fish thoroughly and always refrain from eating raw fish of any sorts.

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