Dr. Robert Rowan against Pharma
Major ebola sierra leone truth report to you.
Did Pharma commit a major crime against humanity?
This Has High Relevance to Everything you Think you Know About the Reach of Pharma Treachery and Blood Money in Every Country.This post written by Dr Robert Rowan, a veteran doctor and lone voice of sanity in a corrupt medical world, also a pioneer in the use of medical Ozone to cure bacteria related disease.

He put together a team to travel to Sierra Leone at the out break of the Ebola crisis in 2014.  A long but fascinating read. Reposted from his FB page with his blessing.

“You know Pharma is now openly implicated (in mainstream press) in buying out the American Congress. You know that Pharma publishes ghost written papers by its pimps to promote the Pharma whores. You know that one Pharma company literally got away with mass murder. Merck withheld information on Vioxx which led to the deaths of tens of thousands.

Now I have some information for you on a deed affecting a project I was directly involved in, and which deed clearly resulted in the needless deaths, perhaps of many thousands and untold suffering of survivors.

I want to take you back to the Ebola epidemic of West Africa. It was fall of 2014 when I recruited Dr. Howard Robins to join me on a medical mission to Sierra Leone to try to save lives with ozone therapy.
I encourage newcomers on this page to read my posts of October 2014 and forward detailing my journey there.

People were dying like flies. Fear was everywhere. Robins and I and our team had jumped through hurdles to get to the point of training doctors at the state run Ebola treatment center, and treating Ebola victims. Finally I got to the Ebola center and, while in the middle of training their staff, a call came in from the assistant Minister of Health shutting down the effort. A few minutes later, the Minister himself called confirming the action. I felt like I was just mugged or kicked in the gonads. I lost it. I screamed to the health people assembled and lined up to get ozone that some there would die, and that the order was a crime against humanity. In fact, a doctor I personally trained became infected with Ebola, he begged for, and was denied ozone therapy by his own government, and died a horrible (and I mean HORRIFIC) death. I detailed it in past posts. Two other infected victims did not get tested knowing if they showed positive, the military would have forcibly thrown them in the containment unit and deny them ozone, guaranteeing them a 40% survival chance.

I knew full well how and why the order came down, but had no evidence, until now. I was just fearful of my own safety and wanted out as quickly as possible. Just recently, I got to talk with my own (from Africa) “Deep Throat” about what really came down, who confirmed what my Higher Self told me at the time.

Pharma was wise to our efforts to cure Ebola with ozone therapy.. (Remember, Pharma had nothing but VERY expensive Zmapp, which was a crap shoot. Pharma was also working on a vaccine). Our treatment cost about $5 per person (actually about half that), and was not patentable. Pharma wanted to see our project get the Deep 6. If we publicly cured the most dread disease the world ever knew with a non-patentable therapy costing less than $5 per patient, the course of pharmaceutical medicine across the board would have been forever altered. The entire world was watching the crisis.

Remember that millions were pouring into West Africa to burn and bury bodies of Ebola victims. There was no reasonable treatment for one infected. The mortality was about 60% in the best of circumstances.
Pharma went to the WHO (World Health Organization), which was deeply involved in the body burning and public education efforts. Pharma used the WHO as its lackey. The WHO went to high government officials and, for lack of a better word, extorted the country. My “Deep Throat” confided, “The ministers were told that they would either shut down your ozone program or not only would Pharma pull out of Sierra Leone, but out of Africa entirely. Big Pharma suggested to the WHO that it was not just Africa that would be affected, but all the WHO efforts around the world. Who wants that responsibility on their shoulders?”

The officials were placed between a rock and a hard place. They were in a lose-lose proposition. If we were permitted to continue, and Pharma abandoned them, and our efforts failed, they would be left with a totally empty bag. At least if they fell prey to Pharma’s malevolence, they would have Pharma to fall back on, for whatever that might have been worth. They chose the less risky path and scuttled our work. As a result, several more of their physicians died horribly and hundreds more people, perhaps thousands, died absent any semblance of a reasonable treatment.

In the meantime, we did get to five cases early in the disease manifestation and all five promptly recovered and had NO complications. Ebola survivors had LOTS of complications, and, to this day. Again, we published these case reports. I was the principle author.

As Paul Harvey would say, “and NOW you know the REST of the story.” One of my colleagues in Sierra Leone blamed the shutdown on a public statement made by Dr. Robins regarding our interaction with the Sierra Leone president. I knew that could not be the case, since people were dying and no minor impropriety of information disclosure would cause honorable people to permit the deaths of their countrymen.

However, Pharma has billions in Africa. People are paid off there in blood diamonds as you know. And possibly some people in government were righteously concerned about the ramifications of Pharma making good on its diabolical threat to pull out if we continued. Clearly, stopping our project was the easiest path to take. What I don’t know is if ministers were bribed with outright cash. What I do know is that a crime against humanity was committed for MONEY and PROFIT. And I leave it up to you to consider if that crime was outright murder, mayhem, homicide, manslaughter, criminally negligent homicide or something else. To me, it is akin to seeing someone drowning and reaching for a life preserver within his reach. While you were not responsible for pushing the man into the water, you intentionally snatch the life preserver out of his hands and he drowns. What is the crime?

I do hope that you will respond. And for those who were not following our work in 2014, please go back to October of that year and read the posts forward to early 2015. It was Ebola that got this page started.
Note, for my efforts in risking my life to go treat stricken people, one of their government officials, on their national television, essentially called me a racist for coming to Africa to “experiment” on Africans. “Why don’t you go back to America to conduct your experiments on your own people?” he snapped at me. No mention of Pharma experiments with Zmapp or vaccines or other toxic therapies. No consideration that “my people” did not have this dread disease. Of course this character later was reported as being investigated for taking millions in kickbacks for the body burning projects. My answer to him on TV was “I came to save people, not bury them.”

Dr Robert Rowan

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