Dirty Teeths

A theme that I see reoccurring within natural health circles but not adequately discussed is how folk occasionally report the deterioration of their teeth/gums whilst embarking upon a high fruit diet.

I believe the cause and the resolve for this is not fully addressed within these circles despite occasional discussion on the topic regurgitating the same themes of brushing and flossing.

Ultimately we are looking for the cause and looking to address the cause. Even bette the cause of the cause. The cause in this case boils down to the “terrain” of the mouth, and cultivating a favourable environment for the good bacteria populating the mouth and doing the required “house cleaning”.

I personally have struggled with deteriorating teeth and further damage by dentists for the last 15 years until stumbling upon the life’s work of an “honest dentist” who teaches about the terrain rather than treatments.

Dentistry like the medical industrial complex is not orientated to fixing the cause, but only interested in expensive treatments. This is bad news for the individual.

The following will explain why your teeth and gums are hurting/deteriorating. Its not necessarily the fruit to blame, but the terrain and occupants of the terrain. I will also explain how to elegantly resolve the matter and stay out of the dentists chair.

Some basics pertaining to the mouth.

Saliva SHOULD be slightly alkaline in the mouth, contributing to an alkaline environment on the teeth.
The teeth SHOULD have an overlaying BIOFILM mesh containing a healthy bacterial colony or micro-biome.
This biofilm/micro-biome SHOULD contain roughly 900 different types of “good” or beneficial bacteria.
This micro-biome protects the teeth from hot and cold, and also protects the teeth from acidic food contact, and also from “bad” bacteria assaults.

Now if you have ever had ANY dental work done, any dental work to the teeth, if you have ever had a teeth cleaning done by an oral hygienist to remove plaque you most likely have periodontal disease of a varying degree of severity. Plaque is simply accumulated “bad” bacteria poop

When the micro-biome is disturbed for any number of reasons the tilt of good bacteria is swung in favour of “bad” bacteria. The bad bacteria could vary in having anything from 12 -24 different types of bacteria. (its not as if there are 900 bad bactaria type waging war on only 24 bactaria types….in fact its the other way round… the odds should be stacked hugely in your favour.) These bacteria over time become dominant, and are promoted and propagated in an ACID environment. The acid environment is a result of what comes into contact with the mouth by virtue of what you eat, and what your teeth are exposed to on a daily basis. These bad bactaira are also fed by the fruit sugars. These bacteria work their way into the gum linings, into the teeth and into the BIOFILM. When the biofilm is compromised by the bad bacteria, they begin to munch on your teeth. We also know this a carrie/cavity, or destruction of the tooth. Placing a filling over the cavity does not necessarily contain the destructive action of the bacteria under the filling despite the dentist sterilising the area. Year later when filling are removed, destruction of the tooth is still evident. Also seen on tooth xrays.

When we consume fruits, the fruit sugars will inadvertently feed these bad bacteria making the problem worse. With each gulp of food or water you are inadvertently passing bad bacteria down the digestive tract. Consuming acid type foods (coffee, soda, juices, bread, sugar etc) will feed the oral bacteria making the problem worse.

Dirty Teeths

Brushing/flossing will only momentarily take away the direct exposure of stuck food particles and substance to the tooth/micro-biome. Flossing risks perpetuating the problem by passing bad bacteria into the gums and possibly onto the blood stream in severe cases. Light flossing is ok to remove food particles. Using the SAME tooth brush will perpetuate the problem. (Bactaria live on the tooth brush). A tooth brush should be dried for at least 24 hours before using it again. Ideally we should have three tooth brushes, one for each occasion of brushing after your meal. Ideally the tooth brush(s) should not be kept in the same room as your toilet. They should also not be allowed to touch each other.

To get out of this mess, one needs to break the cycle, and restore favourable bacteria colonies (biofilm colonies to the mouth). Brushing will not break the cycle. It will not address the bad bacteria, thus you seldom get to see significant improvement to the deteriorating situation.

The bacteria creating the plaque need to be removed, as well as the other bacteria that have created destructive biofilm colonies. The conditions promoting a healthy micro-biome need to be restored. When the environment is right the good bacteria will return. A tooth paste that promotes re-minerlization of the teeth should also be used. A diet rich in alkaline minerals will promote re-minerlization of the teeth and contribute to an alkaline environment.

I personally have struggled with deteriorating teeth and further damage by dentists for the last 15 years until stumbling upon the life’s work Dr Ellie. She at the end of her career, based on what she had observed and questioned over a life time, had come up with a four part strategy that approaches each of the above required aspects in the right order. Im delighted to say that over the last 6 months, By adopting her strategy, Ive seen a restoration of my mouth micro-biome, Ive also seen the complete healing of gums that had pulled back exposing delicate tooth supporting structure and Im also seeing re-minerlization of teeth beginning to occur. Ive also see a complete turn around of nagging tooth ache.

Her method removes the bacteria creating plaque. Her methods suggests a mouth wash that removes the dozen detrimental bacteria using mainly Eucalyptus. Her method suggests a tooth paste that re-minerlizes the teeth by creating an ionic charge over the teeth attracting minerals to repair the teeth. Her method also suggests a chewing gum containing ONLY xylitol. Xylitol a natural sugar is highly aggressive against bad bacteria whilst simultaneously ALKALISING the mouth. Ideal for use after a glass of juice or eating a piece of fruit. The gum aspect will clean the teeth, whist the xylitol addresses the bacteria and restores an alkaline environment after consuming food or drink. This is key for us eating fruit during the day either as a meal or as a snack. A single piece of gum immediately restores the right terrain mitigating the effects of the fruit sugar/food exposure on the bad bacteria.

Within a few weeks a good bacteria colony is restored protecting the teeth whilst they are re minerlized.

For those who think there may be merit in the above, do check out the excellent radio interviews by Dr Ellie on Patrick Timpony’s radio show. Links at drellie (dot) com. The easy/inexpensive protocol is discussed at length, and dovetails very nicely with our fruit diet and the use of botanicals.

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