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Dentists could easily go down in History as unknowingly doing more against human health than any other profession. Once again there is little money to be made in people with healthy mouths and healthy teeth. Dentist are renown for treating the end result of dental disease, and not addressing the cause.  Herewith a fascinating education in dental health with Dr Ellie. She is the FIRST dentist I have seen to addresses the cause of the cause. She has several decades of experience gleaned over a lifetime.

The following are key points from the fascinating interview with Dr Ellie.

-Dental problems are more preventable than general health problems. You don’t ever need to have a dental problem if you take proper care of your teeth. Knowing how is the key.

-Plaque is an infection. A healthy mouth is covered with biofilm. You want a healthy biofilm that is protective. Biofilm is a thin protein mesh that has bacteria in it. There are 900 kinds of good bacteria in the mouth, and maybe a dozen bad guys. Understand what promotes the bad guys to keep them away. Ensure biofilm is populated with good bacteria.

-Research study of young military recruits with healthy teeth. Half had teeth cleaning, half didn’t. All then swished a solution containing plaque bacteria. Only those that had the teeth cleaning developed plaque. Teeth are crystalline like diamond. Scratching of tooth during cleaning sets teeth up for damage. Drilling changes the way forces are transmitted through the teeth.

-Reverse dental diseases before they become a problem. Can reverse cavities in their early stages..

-Dr. Phillips book is “Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye”.

-The mouth is an ecosystem that begins with digestive health. Is influenced by the oral health of the mother.

-Eat all the bad things at mealtime. Sugar, carbs, and acids are bad for your mouth because they erode minerals out of teeth and promote unhealthy biofilm. Mouth is acidic for an hour after eating. Plaque buildup is an acidity problem. Lemons are agony for your teeth – are an acidic challenge. Kombucha, cider vinegar, fruit sugar – all energize bad bacteria.

-All sugars are processed by plaque bacteria. Sugars fuel the fire. The toothbrush was developed in 1800s when sugars and more carbs were introduced. Toothbrushes become infected after one use. Listen to the interview to find out how to clean the tooth brush.

-Gum disease and plaque are transmissible diseases. After a mother and others kiss the child, bacteria from their mouths go to live on the child’s teeth.

-Hydrogen peroxide strips teeth of protein mesh (biofilm). Don’t use in the mouth.

-Let your toothbrush dry for 24 hours. Put in a sunny window. Keep away from the toilet area. If traveling, don’t take your toothbrush. Take a cheap toothbrush and throw it away. Don’t put toothbrush in a bag after using it.

-Listerine has essential oils as active ingredients. Use the blue original. It’s acidic, don’t leave it on the teeth after using it. Useful for removing immature plaque spores and also spirochetes. Rinse it off teeth to remove acid.

-11 pathogens in gum pockets. Chlorine dioxide mouth rinse gets rid of those pathogens. Also ozone, essential oils.

-Mature plaque is the one bad bacteria left after using Listerine and chlorine dioxide. Xylitol gets rid of it.

-Xylitol is a birch tree sugar. Developed in WWII as a sugar substitute. Need 3 grams a day, split up 5 times a day. Will progressively reduce plaque in mouth. Instantly alkalizes the mouth.

-Miswack stick, or peelu, comes from the arak tree, used for thousands of years in the Saharan Desert to clean and brush teeth. Fray the ends, massage the gums with the stick, clip off the used end. Stick contains silica and resins and fluoride.

-Dr. Ellie avidly opposes fluoride in water. But naturally occurring fluoride applied to the outside of teeth can make enamel harder and cavity resistant.

-Recommends CloSYS – a chlorine dioxide product. Called UltraDex in UK or Canada. Don’t follow box directions. After last meal, take xylitol and stop eating or drinking for an hour. Give your mouth time to heal itself. Swish for 1 minute by timer, spit out, brush gums and teeth, if desired floss with toothpaste. Want your blood and lymphatics full of good things.

-MyPerioPath Salivary Diagnostic Test by OralDNA Labs determines your levels of the 12 bad bacteria. Available at Oakhill Wellness Center, Austin, TX. For elsewhere, look at OralDNA Labs Provider.

-Bad bacteria will always be there. They’re problematic when they’re in the pockets and in high numbers.

-Dr. Ellie doesn’t recommend flossing because it can push bad bacteria into the bloodstream. You don’t know if you have periodontal disease because it’s painless.

-Teeth are like a coral reef and saliva is like the ocean. Want to support the teeth (coral reef) with the liquids in the saliva (ocean). Don’t want the water to be too alkaline, and baking soda is much too alkaline. Give your teeth time with healthy saliva.

-Saliva affects gut health. Bacteria on back of tongue turns nitrates into nitric oxide, which protects against gum disease.

-Where did the recommendation to use peroxide and baking soda come from? From Paul Keys – a researcher at NIH. Recognized gum disease is a bacterial problem and that peroxide and baking soda get rid of it. But they make the teeth very sensitive. Stripping the mouth of biofilm can also strip your mouth of health. Oil pulling can cause the same harm. Gets rid of gum disease, but it screws up the biofilm.

-Cavities start by dissolving the minerals out of the teeth. Only Crest Cavity Protection Toothpaste will put the minerals back into your teeth from the saliva. Has silica, not chalk.  SLS is okay with silica. Problem when combined in “new improved” toothpastes.

-Hydrogen Peroxide releases mercury from amalgams. Teeth are delicare. Don’t want peroxide.

-Any oral product with glycerin is out. Glycerin prevents remineralization. See Dr. Gerard Judd’s research.

-pH of #1 selling mouth rinse has a pH of 3.3. Not good!

-Teeth are translucent and only appear white when highly mineralized.

-Steve asks if a Sonicare toothbrush with a UV sanitizer is sufficient. Not sufficient enough, doesn’t get all the bacteria.  Drying toothbrush is best.

-Can’t change oral ecosystem by flossing. Think in terms of balancing, not cleaning. Floss gently, don’t push bacteria into bloodstream. Repetitive use of tooth picks may create a gap between the teeth.

-Water Pik – can use it in a healthy mouth or with orthodontia. Might be useful for deep pockets >4 mm.  If trying to get 4 mm pockets to go away, Water Pik damages the hairs that rejoin the gums together and the pockets stay.

-Closys, toothpaste, spit out, massage gums, rinse with fluoride rinse.

-A tiny bit of fluoride applied topically is beneficial.

-Practice of dentistry is like Whac-a-mole. It’s waiting to pick up sickness. Should be about balancing the body.  In Japan and Asia, have equipment called The Inspector, which can measure changes in enamel strength via light. The other important measure is the bacterial composition of the mouth.

-Mouth and body are connected.  Loss of teeth associated with dementia. Poor mouth health associated with pre-term birth, arthritis, bowel, heart valve issues, chronic inflammation, autoimmune disease, diabetes. Reversal is much more difficult than prevention. Cleaning up the mouth has reversed diseases. It’s never too late.

-Even if you no visible gum or teeth problems, you can still have bad bacteria in the mouth.

-What foods do we eat for healthy teeth? Xylitol and xylitol containing foods (mushroom, strawberry). Cheese is non-cariogenic and can remineralize. Organic dairy. Cream. Ask your dentist if you really need the cleaning?

-D asks if a little bit of iodine in one’s tooth/mouth cleaning product is a good idea? Dr. Ellie doesn’t think so because you don’t want to kill everything. Xylitol  alkalizes, feeds the good bacteria, makes plaque slippery.  Mints and gums are best, available from her website.

-Don’t give xylitol to pets.

-Trent says dark stevia works great on tooth infections. Dr. Ellie would like to see studies.

-Dr. Ellie was the outlier at 98% on how good her oral health was in a American Academy For Oral Systemic Health study. Attributes it to her Complete Mouth Care System.  Next year’s winner was someone who switched to Dr. Ellie’s system.

-Essential oils target specific bacteria.

-Where can you get the products she talked about?  Get the booklet from her website.

-How does she feel about carbohydrates?  It’s more about timing and meal habits than specific ingredients.  Eat drink and be finished.  Nutrition is important though.  Don’t overeat fruit.

-Fluoride in drinking water is awful.  Get chemical engineers to assess water, not dentists.

-Xylitol is hygroscopic.  Pulls special saliva to come into your mouth. Likes Gerald Pollock’s thoughts about structured water.

-Teeth remineralize only when pH is around 7.4.  Give your teeth time to heal themselves. Eating and drinking damages the teeth.  Need to put in more minerals than what come out.

-Brushing with baking soda, especially for women, cleans away the pellicle, the protective protein layer. Salt is scratchy and very alkaline.  If what you’re using isn’t working, change.

Dr. Ellie Phillips D.D.S. Startling out of the box information on healing cavities and gum disease, July 31, 2017 Hour One

Dr. Ellie Phillips D.D.S. Startling out of the box information on healing cavities and gum disease, July 31, 2017 Hour Two


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