Aloe Vera

The Aloe Vera is a powerful mechanisms to remove biofilm. The biofilm is usually found to accompany Rope and other Parasite. Some will say that biofilm is the result of colonies of bactaria coming together to form a matrix.

From a scientific point of view we know that Aloe Vera contains some very exciting properties. Plants have the ability to synthesize almost unlimited number of substances. In many cases, these chemicals serve in plant defense mechanisms against microorganisms, insects, and herbivores.

Aloe vera exhibits antibacterial property because of anthraquinones that behave like tetracycline by blocking the ribosomal A site, thus, interrupting bacterial protein synthesis. Saponins are another important group of secondary metabolites synthesized as defensive compounds against pathogenic microbes and herbivores. Saponins present in Aloe Vera also act as an effective anti-microbial agent against various bacteria, viruses, fungi, and yeasts

Aloe contains a substance called Sponins. The name ‘Saponin’ is derived from the Latin word ‘sapo,’ meaning soap, as a soapy lather forms when plants containing saponins are agitated in water. They also exhibit a variety of biological activities. Fellow Herbal Enthusiast and friend Trent pointed out how he had discovered that the specific Saponin in Aloe breaks down the bond of biofilm to the gut wall, rather then biofilm itself, thus the large expulsion not only of bowel waste but also Biofilm.

It so happens that Aloe also increase bile flow – thus the increased evacuation of the biofilm and bowel waste matarial.

Renowned Worm Whisperer Robin Goffe  makes reference to a recipe from an old 1885 Book called “The Wasting Disease of Infants and Children”.  The recipe makes reference to licorice root, Aloe Vera and Cardamon. These ingredients acted together to remove what was then referenced back then as “Nidus”, what we in this day and age know as “biofilm”. (Detailed discussion of Biofilm in the Rope Worm E-book.)

Nidus in  medical speak is any structure that resembles a nest in appearance or function. From the Latin for ‘nest.’ A nidus is a breeding place where bacteria, parasites, and other agents of a disease lodge and develop. For example, a nidus of infection is a focus of infection.

Buddy and fellow researcher Trent  Ash looked into these two herbs and discovered the specific Sapoins they contained were breaking the bonds of the biofilm to the gut wall. The cardamon is in the formula to act as a calmative, so as to mitigate any cramping from the aloe.

Wholefood in the US sells Aloe Gel. The label was a blue label but has recently been changed as pictured below. The powder can be ordered from the website in the picture. (

The Intestinal Bulldozer Formula (or similar herbal formula) is well suited to ensure the bowels are moving at least once per day. If the bowels are stagnant, a completely non-beneficial terrain gets set up contributing to more problems. The more waste we can clear from the gut, the less food there is for these organisms to feed on. They love stagnant waste.

The Adult Parasite Formula contributes to cleaning worms and parasite out of the Liver, Gallbladder and bowel working in conjunction with the Aloe.

When all four items are used together synergistically, many find the bowels purge large amounts of “mud” or mucus or biofilm. It characteristically seems to have a sweet smell to it.

Its best to use the basic dewormers initially then advance on onto the more powerful and Advanced ones.

Reference: “Saponin-Based, Biological-Active Surfactants from Plants”  By Kregiel, Berlowska, Witonska, Antolak, Proestos, Babic, Babic and Zhang

Submitted: October 14th 2016
Reviewed: February 22nd 2017
Published: July 5th 2017
DOI: 10.5772/68062

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