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A practitioner’s guideline to assisting the Cystic Fibrosis client.
By Malcolm Slyper, Detoxification and Fasting Specialist, IAKP Kambô Practitioner
(A natural approach to alleviating the symptoms of Cystic Fibrosis with Kambô.)

This document is not to be construed as medical advice, but merely a collection of ideas and concepts that the author has found useful in assisting the symptoms of this condition.


The following guide may be useful to the Kambô practitioner who encounters clients that have the genetic condition known as Cystic Fibrosis referred to hence forth as CF.

Since CF is a hereditary disorder there is no known cure in the eyes of the mainstream medical community, however much can be done to vastly empower improve the quality of life for the individual with CF from a holistic perspective should he/she choose to take responsibility for his or her condition and explore potential ideas for self-implementation.

The application of Kambô by a trained practitioner is one such modality and discussed at length within this paper.

This paper was written based upon our experience as a family dealing with CF in the family unit.  Christina my Wife was born with the condition and exhausted mainstream knowledge and treatments before turning to a diet based approach augmented by various modalities.

Kambô has had the greatest impact upon the quality of her life when stacked upon other modalities. Christina first began receiving Kambô at age 41, in Aug of 2016. She has taken monthly treatments since then until the time of writing this paper.

What is Cystic Fibrosis (CF)

CF is a hereditary disorder affecting the exocrine (Secretory) glands. It causes the production of abnormally thick mucus, leading to the blockage of the pancreatic ducts, intestines, and bronchi with associated complications. The ensuing mucus compromises lung function and if not cleared creates a fertile breeding ground for a number of bacteria strains which the body is unable to remove, thus resulting in respiratory infection as they become more entrenched. These continued infections cause irreversible damage and scarring to the lungs if not treated in time. CF leads to impairment of the digestive functions of the pancreas, bowel and traps bacteria in the lungs resulting in recurrent infections, leading to irreversible damage.

CF occurs equally in males and females. The CF gene must be inherited from both parents and can skip generations.

Symptoms of CF

Cystic Fibrosis (CF) primarily affects the lungs and digestive system a result of a malfunction in the exocrine system that is responsible for producing saliva, sweat, tears and mucus.

People with CF develop an abnormal amount of excessively thick and sticky mucus within the lungs, airways and the digestive system. This mucus leads to impaired lung function, chronic constipation, congested lymph and reduced pancreatic function to name but a few.

The accumulating mucus then leads to secondary symptoms as a result of bacteria that feeds on the mucus, along with possible parasite infections within the gut, liver, and other organs. (Parasites/Bactaria and fungus are natures solution to deal with excess waste in the body, and are tasked with cleaning up that waste. They are not the enemy, but a symptom of the problem….excess waste/mucus.)

The lung infections result in the individual being hospitalized and treated with lengthy antibiotic treatments (treating the symptom not the cause) which in turn adds to the total toxic load of the body whilst destroying the bodies natural bacterial colonies in the gut and lymph nodes/lymphatic system leading to a compounding of the problem.

Medical Model versus the Natural Hygiene Model. –

To be effective in knowing how Kambô can assist the CF client a short over view of the difference between the Allopathic Model and the Natural Hygiene Model is useful. This understanding allows as a glimmer of hope at addressing the issue at the level of cause.

Allopathic medicine has its advantages in certain life saving situations, but fails miserably at addressing the cause of a condition.

The mainstream medical model tends to address symptoms rather than seeking the cause. Symptoms are more often than not treated with compounds, isolates and toxic drugs. (most of these drugs have a list of contraindications which in the long run add to the toxic load of an already over burden system). The allopathic model seldom questions the diet. Doctors are not trained in dietary matters, and holds no regard to the acid/alkaline forming qualities of certain foods.

The Natural hygiene model on the other hand tends to address the issue at the level of cause. An understanding of the principles of acid vs alkaline effects of diet on the overall alkaline state of the body is essential. An understanding of role that the various organs of elimination play is crucial as is the understanding of the workings of the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system can be considered as “ground zero”.

Although CF is considered a genetic condition, there is much that can be done by applying concepts and principles of natural hygiene approach to clean up the bodies various pathways of elimination, address the dietary aspect by reducing food that contributes to the formation of mucus within the body, reducing the intake of acid forming foods as these add to the burden of the lymphatic system inviting a clogging and stagnation of the lymph and thus a compounding of bacterial related issues.

The Science behind Kambô in context of Cystic Fibrosis.

The scientific world has for many years come to know that Kambô is one of the strongest natural anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, antimicrobial and anesthetic substances found in the world and one of the strongest, natural ways to strengthen the immune system.

The Kambô secretion contains several bio-active peptides many of which are antimicrobial peptides and possess a wide range  of  activity  showing  effectiveness against diverse microorganism strains as experienced by the CF client.

One such bio-available peptide stems from the dermaseptin family of antimicrobial peptides as found in the Kambô secretion.

The following university papers discuss dermaseptin’s attributes in an anti-microbial context.

“Anti-microbial peptides (AMPs) are effective against multi-drug resistant strains of bacteria,  fungi,  protozoa, and could provide instructive lessons for the development of new and more efficient  nano-technological based therapies for fatal infections”.  

(Rinaldi, 2002; Zasloff, 2002; Radek & Gallo, 2007; Giuliani et al., 2008; Calderon et al., 2011; Calderon & Stábeli,  2011).

“An example is the dermaseptin family of antimicrobial peptides and their analogs from the skin of Phyllomedusinae species.  Dermaseptins have  in vitro lytic activity against a broad spectrum of free living microorganism strains, including wall-less bacteria,  Gram-negative bacteria (Pseudomonas  aeruginosa),  Grampositive  bacteria eg Streptococcus dysgalactiae (as found in CF patients sputum tests), fungi and protozoa. They present rapid  and irreversible antimicrobial activity and low toxic effects in mammalian cells in vitro.”

(Kustanovich et al., 2002; Navon‐Venezia et al., 2002).

The intelligence that drives the mechanism within the Kambô secretion targets the highest priority for healing. As a practitioner I never cease to be amazed to witness this intelligence at work.

For centuries the tribes in the amazon have used Kambô as a powerful medicine against snake bites, malaria, yellow fever and other epidemic diseases. Science has cottoned on to the potential that these peptides are showing. They have been synthesized and patented.  Research in an ongoing in an attempt to see how they can be used to treat a variety of  diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson, depression, migraines, blood circulation problems, vascular insufficiency, organ diseases, skin and eyes issues, fertility problems in women and men and even tumor and cancer scenarios.

One of the failings of the scientific community is a total disregard for the spiritual aspect of the Amazonian medicines. It is this failure to appreciate the spiritual aspect that leads to a less than ideal outcome through the design and application of modern medicines.

Kambo - Cystic Fibrosis Dubai, Kambo, Sapo, Kambo In Dubai, Kambo Practitioner Dubai

Kambô as an aid to Treating the Symptoms of CF.

The CF client would most likely know that they have CF and will come to the practitioner seeking Kambô’s assistance to help moderate the symptoms they experience as a result of the CF. These symptoms would include high and constant bacterial load in the lungs controlled by the use of antibiotics, a congested lymphatic system, possible ongoing constipation issues, impaired pancreatic function, and compromised lung function.

Kambô is magnificent in assisting with the above

Our initial use of Kambô was under the watchful helm of Carol Talbot an IAKP trained practitioner.

Carol began the initial session with a test dot to check for any abreaction to the Kambô. The consecutive two sessions resulted in the client feinting when the remaining points were applied as a result of low blood pressure, which is considered normal reaction to Kambô for people with low blood pressure. Recovery was immediate.

We’ve subsequently found by adopting a slow gentle layered approach that the dramatic onset of Kambô can be lessened making the session more durable giving the client an improved experience.

Later under the authors facilitation we found in an effort to minimize the rapid onset and possibility of feinting, an introductory micro point useful when applied to the “Shen Men” point on one ear. When the onset has stabilized a further point is applied on a desired or targeted area of the body.

Once the rise and fall of heart beat and accompanying blood pressure changes had stabilized, a further point was applied, gradually building up to full dose.

Chinese Traditional Medicine as applied to Kambô.

With a basic knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and knowledge of the acupuncture points one can apply Kambô appropriately and target specific areas, organs, systems or conditions. The greater the knowledge of the practitioner the more a treatment can be refined.

A basic knowledge of the Chinese Meridian system and a quality set of meridian charts can be useful in determining where to apply Kambô, so as to target specific areas.  E.g. lungs, bowel, liver, spleen.

Ideas for Specific Points

Lung 2 acupressure point in the depression inside of the shoulder opens up the entire lung meridian.

Lung 7, Kidney 6, Kidney 3, Spleen 6 are all points that can be used in the Kambô session to treat people with lung or respiratory issues, CF included.

Types of Medication the CF Client may be Using.

Possible contraindications with Kambô.

A conscientious practitioner will find out ahead of time which medications the client is using and check for contra indication.

The CF client would typically be using antibiotics to treat lung bacteria for which they have lowered immunity.

Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and Streptococcus are typical bactaria.

The pharmaceutical guidance within the medication packaging will give a clue as to the contra indications and known side-effects. When these are compared to the known effects that the Kambô peptides will induce, one can get an idea as to the suitability of the medications use with Kambô. An internet search on such contraindications may produce further insights.

The IAKP has a guiding document on known medications and their contraindications with Kambô which should be consulted.

The following is a list of medications that we have been using to treat CF. This is not an exhaustive list, and you should do your own research on those medications the client proves you with.

Antibiotics – Antibiotics are used to control bacteria build up in the lungs. They could be an oral antibiotic or an intravenously applied antibiotic. Below is a list of typically used antibiotics.

  • Ciprofloxacin
  • Amikacin
  • Tobramycin
  • Aztreonam

Ventolin – Side effect is increased heart-beat. Used to loosen up phlegm whilst doing physiotherapy. A procedure to remove excess mucus build up in the lungs. Common sense dictates restraint the morning prior to a Kambô session.

Herbal Worm Wood: Ive read accounts of a Women using very high doses of wormwood (for weight-loss reasons) to run into issues. Proceed with caution should your client is using high doses wormwood.

The Lymphatic System, and Kambô.

“Diseases” is merely copyrighted “fiction” that mirrors damage from acidic lymph.
~ Dr Robert Morse ND.

The Lymphatic system is easily the most misunderstood and mis-appreciated system in the Human Body and highly pertinent to the Kambô practitioner.

An understanding of the lymphatic system allows us an insight into why the Kambô secretion is so effective in providing a deep and extensive detoxification effect on the whole body, particularly useful in not only CF clients but cancer clients.

An understanding on the workings of the lymphatic system also allows us a liberating view through the veil of cultural ignorance and indoctrination on disease.

The lymph system is three – four times the size of the blood/circulatory system, yet lymph system has no pump, and relies on movement and muscle contraction. Ultimately the lymph is the bodies sewer system. Lymphatic waste coming of the cells is acid.

The lymph’s purpose is to transport cellular waste and acids from the cells out of the body. 99 Percent of our problems come from lymph/sewer that is blocked or backed up. It is this backed up lymph waste that is extremely damaging due to its acidic qualities resulting in pain and inflammation.

The body could be summarized as being a collection of cells (100 trillion of them approximately), and two major fluids.  These two fluids are mainly comprised of blood and lymph.

he blood delivers oxygen and nutrients to the cell. The lymph removes waste from the cell for elimination via the kidneys.

These two fluids take care of the health of the cell. Each cells consumes, and eliminates.  Everything in nature eats and eliminates. Plants eat and eliminate, animals eat and eliminate, babies eat and eliminate, all human eat and eliminate. Going down to the microscopic level, every cell eats and eliminates.

This cellular waste coming of the cell needs to be removed from the cell and It is the lymphatic systems job to do this. The lymph is a thick mucus lipid based (cholesterol) liquid. Mucosa lines your mouth, your sinus’s, intestines and is part of that lymphatic system, all part of a gigantic sewer system. It so happens to make up of the bodies main immune system.

Arteries bring fresh blood to the cell. Veins take away the used blood. There are capillaries on the venus side, and there are capillaries on the lymph side.

The venous capillaries are too small for proteins, acids and cell to be returned into the arterial system, thus preventing the body from dumping its waste back into the  system. The waste must go the lymph way and into the lymph vessels.

The lymph vessels are akin to the sewer pipes going from the house to the yard outside for removal into a septic tank or municipal sewage.

The individual goes to the toilet, releases the waste into the toilet, flushes and its pushed through a pipe to the septic tank.

Same in the human body. The body sends its waste from the cell to hundreds of little septic tanks called lymph nodes.

Understanding that the Lymph system is the human bodies sewer system, and to better understand the workings of the lymphatic system we can liken the lymphatic system to a septic tank system.

The Mainstream medical model erroneously believes that emptied waste goes back into the venous system from the lymph nodes.

The lymph nodes are full of immune cells and bacteria. The lymph nodes act as septic tanks, hundreds of them using an anaerobic bacterial environment to decomposes and clean the waste discharged into these little tanks.

The bacteria in the lymph nodes is also tasked with consuming acid waste and thus raising the ph of the waste to a higher more agreeable ph downstream. The thick mucus based lipid (cholesterol) lymph fluid also buffers against acid damage to the surrounding cells and organs.

From the nodes the waste doesn’t go back into the system, but to the outside via the kidneys and skin.

We have two kidneys that eliminate waste. Our skin being the largest organ of elimination also eliminates waste via the perspiration, sweating and fever, and is often referred to as a “3rd kidney”.

In the Cystic Fibrosis client’s case due to a malfunction on the exocrine system systematic clogging of various organs occurs even down to the cellular level. This accumulation of mucus waste draws pathogenic life to the site to assist in cleaning up the excess waste resulting in a higher than normal bacterial/pathogen load. The action of the Kambô peptide cocktail at work has a purging and cleaning effect resulting in a reduction of waste at the cellular level accompanied by the restoration of function and vibrancy.

From a life style perspective, the client would find great value by adopting a personal/lifestyle regime that embodies working with the Lymphatic system either directly or indirectly in support of the work done with Kambô.

Kambo - Cystic Fibrosis Dubai, Kambo, Sapo, Kambo In Dubai, Kambo Practitioner Dubai

Cleaning the Lymph Through Life Style Choices.

Fruits and Vegetables will clean the blood. To get to the lymph we need to go through the blood. Veggies will not clean the lymph, only the actions of raw fruits, melons and berries can do this.

There are several additional mechanisms available to us to keep the lymphatic system in good working order. Our salvation is to use herbs, and particularly Lymphatic Herbs best known to do achieve this deep level cleanse.

Kambô alone is a very powerful tool to get stagnant waste out of the cells and move or clean lymph.

When herbs are used in conjunction with a Kambô, a fruitarian diet, and a series of Fasts powerful repair and restoration of the Lymph, kidneys and adrenals occur.


Case Study History

Christina, as a child noticed unprecedented mucus in her lungs, and ongoing constipation. Growing up she experienced continual colds and flu. No diagnosis was made…. no one knew back then.

During her teenage years the constipation got increasingly worse. Medical almost removed her appendix mistaking it for appendicitis. Over time her symptoms worsened. If she got a cold ….she was really sick for long time. Her saving grace was an active sports life which helped off set the re-occurring chest infections.

Continual decline of colon and lung function. Early 20’s  knee injury resulted in her stopping excercise… got really ill. In bed, she got significantly worse. 15 doctors later, one astute specialist suggested testing for CF.  A biopospy showed unprecedented amounts of mucus in lungs.

A prestigious CF Hospital in London – Royal Brompton, (one of five top research centers in world in the world) and resident Lung specialist diagnosed CF based upon tests. 

So began two years to recovery. For the first time in her life she stopped coughing. She was taught how to do intravenous antibiotics. Taught how to do physio therapy for her lungs to clear the lungs of mucus. Importance of moving, resting, sleeping and physio.  All these approaches came from what was known at the time within the mainstream medical circles.

She was told to eat 50% more calories than normal people. No regard for foods creating or contributing to mucus eg  Milk and Cheese. Some aspects didnt sit well with her, thus she began her own trail and error route, slowly  gravitated to a vegan diet. 

She was told she would be taking intravenous antibiotics for rest of life. She was told she would take 5 oral Antibiotics every day for life. There was no way out.

She realized she had to find your own way, remaining in hospital meant was a bleak outlook. (Life expectancy given at 30 years past date of diagnosis.)

Journey began with dr Geddes who encouraged to think outside the box by saying “Keep asking questions.”

So began her search for alternate ways outside of hospital. Acupuncture. Reflex , massages, sound color therapy, homeopathy, Past Life regression, Chinese herbs…..healers, acupuncturist and diet. Some helped, some have worked, some havnt.

It took her 5 years to come off all anti biotics.

At yearly check ups her X-ray showed the scarring in lungs had started to heal. Meeting with Prof Geddes and specialists were amazed. Such healing doesnt happen in these cases.

By age 29: Colon issues got worse. Colon function so bad, eating was painful, lost weight. Clinic tried every thing. A long period of re occurring returns to hospital.

Hospital took ten worst colon cases in UK placed them on a trial drug. Down side of drug was risk of cardiac arrest. 

She experienced relief. 2 months in the drug was removed from the market due to a related cardiac caused death. 

The Drug worked so well, her parents helped locate a generic in India and was thus sourced for several years.

In 2011, she discovered a herbal bowel formula, affectionately known as The Intestinal Bulldozer. Bowel Formula returned bowel function to normal within a few days. This formula helps clean up the intestinal tract as a pathway, and works very well even with Kambô.

Significant improvements resulted from the herbal formulas. More improvements experienced with short term fasting, juice day diets, more herbal exploration , Pranic healing, deworming, turpentine, ozone treatments, sitzs baths, cold pressed juices, raw food diet.

Prior to Kambô, Christina required annual or even bi annual visits to a CF clinic in Sweden for IV Antibiotic treatments when the lung bacterial got too high.  

After a visit to Peru and upon learning/discovering that the Kambô secretion contains a dozen or so BIO-AVAILABILE peptides we wondered about its application to the unique challenges of CF.

By a rare stroke of co-incidence we discovered an IAKP practitioner, Carol Talbot living close by who was skilled at its use. We returned for monthly treatments with Carol for the next 18 months.  

The first treatment was very intense, exhausting her for a FULL WEEK, but saw huge improvements to her lungs, and over all wellbeing.

We found by doing regular treatments with the Kambô secretion to make all the difference in managing CF.  

The Peptides within the Kambô have a remarkable effect on the human system by cleaning out the lymphatic system. They vacillate the bowel, restore gland and organ function, chase out parasites and have significant anti-bacterial qualities.

Quality of life has massively improved.

We continue to make improvements. We haven’t found the cause of the cause of CF YET. Kambô is not a cure. Kambô will however massively assist in treating the various symptoms at a deep level providing for a reset of the system, restoring order to various glands and organs, massively cleaning out a congested lymphatic system and addressing pathogen/bacterial and parasite loads by virtue of its antibiotic, antimicrobial qualities.

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