Liver fluke

Human parasites are not only a third world problem.

Fasciola hepatica: Liver fluke, is one of four types of flukes plaguing the human body. The adult worm may reach 30 X 13 mm.  It is a leaf shape with a cone-shaped projection at the anterior end.  Living specimens are grayish-brown.

This species actually eats the liver and blood of mammals (humans included) causing problems with fat metabolism and systemic inflammation. The longer they live in the liver, the darker in color they become because the blood from the liver stains their skin

Not difficult to eradicate if you have the right tools. These worms are frequently seen expelled after doing a liver cleanse (Secrets of Liver Cleanse) along with the suggested two weeks preparation for the cleanse using the Adult Parasite Formula.

Interesting that our grandparents were frequently known to “de-worm” their kids, but this is no longer practiced as household knowledge. Dr Klighardt a medical doctor specializing in treating parasite related diseases is of the opinion that parasites are more epidemic within the modern world than we give them credit for.

Hand blended by a Master Herbalist with over fifteen years’ experience, this liquid anti-parasite formula has been developed to be light years ahead of anything else on the market.

Improper nutrition and deficiencies in our modern life create a weakness in our inner biological terrain, which in turn opens the door for parasitic life to set up home within our bodies.

Clearing the body of non-beneficial parasitic organisms is a powerful key to the creation and maintenance of vibrant wellbeing.

To compliment and support the Adult Parasite Cleanse, many people also find the Intestinal Bulldozer (Lower Bowel Formula) useful for removing parasite and worm die off.

The Adult Parasite Cleanse is our top selling product and we suggest all new people start with 4 bottles of Adult Parasite Cleanse at 1 tablespoon morning and night and then if desired, can continue a maintenance dose or move on to stronger de-wormer formulas if still required.

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