thyroid - parathyroid

The thyroid is located in the throat area and the parathyroid is a set of 4 small glands located on it’s surface (or sometimes within the thyroid itself). These glands control your metabolic rate, heart rate, body (basal) temperature, and how well the body uses energy, digests food, makes proteins, and utilizes calcium. They can become clogged due to man’s consumption of dairy, refined sugars, and other acidic and mucus-forming foods.

Symptoms of a WEAK (hypo) THYROID/PARATHYROID that is not utilizing calcium well are: brittle bones, teeth, fingernails, & hair; osteoporosis, spine deterioration, scoliosis, herniated discs, arthritis, bursitis, cramps, spasms, prolapsed organs, hemorrhoids, aneurysms, spider veins, varicose veins, easy bruising (petechiae), and dry sagging skin.

Heart arrhythmias and depression can be linked to low calcium levels. Post-partum depression is linked as well because babies take lots of calcium from the mother that she needs to replace. A strong thyroid/parathyroid can stop calcium being pulled from the body and put it back.

Other symptoms of thyroid/parathyroid weakness are fatigue, chronic fatigue (not from Epstein-Barr), cold hands and feet, chills, menstrual disorders, headaches, migraines, obesity, low energy levels, slow digestion, and low sweating ability. Hashimoto’s disease is a weak thyroid.

Symptoms of an OVERACTIVE (hyper) THYROID/PARATHYROID: hot flashes, fast heart rate, fast metabolism, and protruding eyes. Hyper in a gland always goes to hypo. Acidosis can create hyperactivity in a gland, then it eventually breaks down.

Strengthen the parathyroid to repair tissue after surgery, accidents, acidosis, etc.

thyroid - parathyroid

Recommended Herbs:
Intestinal Bulldozer Bowel Formula, DRM’s Strong Bones Formula, DRM’s Gland Tonic Tincture, DRM’s Endocrine Balance Formula Tincture, DRM’s Thyroid/Thymus Tonic and Kelp.

A Parathyroid Glandular is stronger and faster acting. Berries are good for the endocrine glands.

Also check the pituitary gland (iris analysis) because it controls the parathyroid through PTSH parathyroid stimulating hormone.

Check the transverse colon if the pituitary is down. There is direct link. Use iridology to look for bowel issues, especially radii solaria going up to the head from the bowel area.

The use of the supplement Calcium/magnesium is not recommended. This can push phosphorus out. Synthroid-if you take it, your body won’t make it. Use a thyroid glandular instead.

Remember, the thyroid can regenerate if there is just a piece of it.

Author: Karen Lee

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