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I am available to coach you with a skype consultation in your quest for better health, helping you to understand the cause of the cause.

Many people that I consult with just want to have a better understanding of why they might be struggling with their unique challenges, and what steps they can take towards improvement.

Your session is highly personalized to assist getting you started with either Pre Cleansing, Detoxing or Fasting or simply guidance in a long-term change to a successful raw food/vegan diet.  I consider your goals and your lifestyle to find the optimum and practical path for YOU.

Sessions can be requested to be conducted via skype, telephone or email.

You receive an audio recording of the session for your reference.

(Please be sure to have read the Secrets of Detox Handbook, and also the Secrets of Liver Cleanse E-Handbook available on this site prior to the consult.)

Please note, I will not diagnose or treat via these brain storming sessions, but I am here to offer insights and guidance to help you on your journey to improved vibrancy. 

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