Photon Zapper

An autonomous Zapper that makes use of electrical impulses and the visible spectrum of light frequency. Made of stainless steel.



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The Zapper is an autonomous impulse stimulator. The Photon capsule  is a new level of technology in the creation of Zappers. This device makes use of electrical impulses and the visible spectrum of light frequency.

In recent years, advances in technology have made it possible to create an absolutely new class of zapper device, an autonomous light source, which make it possible to influence parts of the GI tract that were otherwise inaccessible.

The device is well-made, consists of a stainless steel shell, and emits a constant 4 volt current for in excess of  72 hours.

The device is easy-to-use, reliable, and produces tangible results. It is best used when taken in tandem with a strong herbal vermifuge, such as our Adult Parasite Formula and Intestinal Bulldozer.


Manufacturers Disclaimer for Stimulator Product. Essential reading when purchasing the Zappers


Refer and read the user manual prior to use. Inspect the Stimulator prior to use. This includes physical check, light diode test check (pulsed light of the TEST LED approximately every 3 seconds), and if it is within the expiry date. Please do not attempt to swallow the test diode. Prior to using, consult a physician if in doubt about being fit to use the device. Clean the Stimulator with hydrogen peroxide 3-6% (or 40% alcohol solution) prior to use. DO NOT expose the Stimulator to heat or boil it. DO NOT try to open or bend the Stimulator. The Stimulator is STRICTLY ONE TIME USE once swallowed. (the battery will however be good for in excess of 80 hours) NEVER use the Stimulator when actions that require attention such as when driving a vehicle, working with heights etc. While the Stimulator is in the body, it is not recommended to carry out diagnostic manipulations (electrocardiogram, electroencephalography, computed tomogram, nuclear magnetic resonance imaging, X-ray, CAT Scans etc). The Stimulator is a consumable product and is not covered under any warranty. The usage of the Stimulator is purely done at ones own risk. Every person reacts differently to treatments of using the Stimulator and any effects from using the Stimulator is the sole responsibility of the user. The device was tested prior to dispatch and found to be in good working order. Please advise me immediately upon arrival (within 24 hours if there is any physcial damage. Products have been/is being shipped by ART OF DETOX LLC in good faith and free from defects. If any defects are believed to be due to manufacturing quality, the buyer is obliged to inform ART OF DETOX LLC in writing within 24 hours of receipt. The ownership of the goods and the risk of accidental loss or accidental damage to the goods passes to the Buyer from the moment the goods are handed over by ART OF DETOX LLC to the forwarder (transport organization) presuming full payment has taken place. ART OF DETOX LLC is not liable for any financial costs incurred due to 3rd party actions, any undesirable effects due to usage of the products or harm caused by the products.

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