Advanced Parasite Cleanse 4oz

Advanced Parasite Cleanse is an advanced Parasite and Worms elimination formula.
This is the most powerful de-wormer formulas we have and ideal for those who have used our other formulas and seek to take their cleanse regime to the next level.






Advanced Parasite Cleanse

Advanced Parasite Cleanse (Tincture 4 oz. dropper bottles), is a powerful advanced Parasite/Worm Elimination formula.

This is the most powerful de-wormer formula we have and ideal for those who have used our other formulas and want something even stronger.

The Advanced Parasite Cleanse has a very potent taste, but because it’s taken in small amounts is very palatable.

Ideally this should be used in conjunction with the Intestinal Bulldozer (Lower Bowel Formula). The Intestinal Bulldozer ensures that the parasite die off and waste is removed from the system and not recirculated.

The Advanced Parasite Cleanse has 16+ very powerful de-wormer herbs. Each herb used has a list of valuable reasons why it was chosen for use in the formulae. Many are local. ‘wild crafted’ and some are obtained from around the globe from the best sources possible, making this parasite formula the best of the best.

The Advanced Parasite Cleanse is NOT a beginner’s formula. We highly recommend doing an Adult Parasite cleanse for 30 days prior to moving onto this advanced formula.

The best herbs are always “Wild Crafted”. Wild Crafted herbs are herbs found as in nature, where nature planted them. They thrive because they obey Nature’s laws. They live in the correct places that Nature intended them. When one purchases “organic” herbs it simply means they were raised by man and since man can only seek to simulate the “correct” soil and light conditions that Nature does such organic produce will be inferior. Many of our Herbs and Tinctures will be sourced from nature in their natural habitat. It doesn’t get better than that.

**These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. **
This product has not been tested for Prop 65 Chemicals known to cause Cancer, Birth Defects or Reproductive Harm in the State of California under Prop 65 California law.


Walnut Tree, Olive Tree, Male Fern, Wormwood, Wormseed, Fennel, Cats claw, Boneset, Shitake, Teasel Marker, True Solomons seal, Andrographis, Desert Parsley, Peach Leaf, Pomegranate, Chaparral, Gingko leaf, Yarrow, Mormon tea, Comfrey, Yellow Dock, Virginia Snake rt., Elderberry, Milk thistle, Lobelia, Clover blossoms, Pumpkin seed, Tansy flower, Horsetail, Paul De Arco, Goldenseal, Ginseng, Red Raspberry, Hawthorn, Papaya, Pineapple, Wormseed, Male Fern, Tansy, Pomegranate, Boneset, Japan Knotweed, Andrographis, Stepani Rt., Teasil Marker, Male Bud, immature Green Hull & young Twig of the Black Walnut Tree, Olive Tree Leaf / Rt. Bark, Clove, Natural Tree Iodine, Pumpkin seed, Wormwood, Thuji, Juniper Berry, Garlic, Caraway Seed, Thyme, Allspice Pimcato, Coriander, Fennel, Bergamot, Cardamom, Cayenne, Oregano Oil. Etc


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