Fasting – A Brief Story

Illness has many different names, but despite these many different names all have the same root cause. Too much tissue acid and waste within the body. It is this tissue residue that determines sickness or health.

Looking to nature as a guideline. Every single animal in God’s creation when facing illness stops eating and allows the miraculous healing ability wired into its genetic make up, to activate and restore health and vitality. Each and every one of us has this ability too.

The act of fasting allows the body to begin to clean house.

If left to its own devices and not interfered with, the innate intelligence wired into each and every one of us as the potential to restore the body to its blue print.

Fasting is nature’s mechanism to shed disease, restore vitality and health to maintain perfect balance and wellness.

Fasting always works, however on its own without augmentation from other modalities can be a time consuming affair. When combined with the various modalities making up this unique one of its kind program the aspiring health seek finds that he has stumbled upon the most effective cleanse and rejuvenation process on the face of the planet.

The Seven Day Orange Juice Fast

This Fast has its origins dating back to the previous century, made famous by the old Orange Juice Doctors who recorded astounding results using only citrus juice for the process. The seven-day fast increases the red blood cell count by five times. The lymphatic system and blood supply is cleaned up. Citrus juice was found to be most effective at cleansing. (Those finding Orange Juice to disagree with their constitution can pick an alternative juice such as Pineapple.)

For the first time in the persons life the stomach is empty, devoid of acid forming material, giving it a long over due rest. After the third day the body sense the onslaught of acid forming foods has stopped, and changes its mode to a detoxification mode. If the pre-cleanses, and parasite cleanses have all been done previously as suggested, lymph nodes are being cleared out and the body is eliminating its waste down and out (and not backing the waste up back into the body) a very beneficial cleanse begins to kick into higher gear.

The Orange Juice Fast is not nearly as harsh as a water fast, yet equally effective. All the cells are still being nourished at a basic level by simple fruit sugars, allowing the lymph backlog to clear. The body’s resources and energies are now turned inwards towards cleaning house.

The Herbal Lower Bowel Formula, (formulated and improved by The Barefoot Herbalist) ensures that the waste is removed on a daily basis (more often than not more than once a day). If done properly following the guidance contained within this program, effects are profound in rejuvenating the mind, body and spirit.

No other detox/fasting program in the world is addressing the parasite issue as effectively as will be found on this program.

Art of Detox Symptoms - Thai Massage

TOTAL Body Mind and Soul Rejuvenation

The fast is designed to awaken a Mind Body and SOUL Rejuvenation, in a facilitated supportive environment.

Darkfield Blood Analysis
Darkfield Blood Analaysis: Before the fast (top pic) and after ten days (bottom)

Each fast is custom designed, a unique experience and based purely on your needs. Our model of fasting is based on Dr Hays method of juice fasting. The actual fast will last 7 days, with three consecutive days to return to normal healthier eating regime. The length of the fast is up to you, if you wish to make it longer or shorter you are able to do so.

The program is designed to clean out the bodies FIVE elimination organs (liver, kidney, gallbladder, upper & lower intestine and skin), and most importantatly allow the lymph system to catchup on the elimination of waste from the cells, thus giving your body and digestive system a well deserved rest.

The fast is augmented with a Herbal Bowel Cleanse Regime ideally started several weeks before reaching Thailand, as well as a highly effective Adult Parasite/Worm Program. The parasite formulae being the most advanced formula available, light years of ahead of any similar anti-parsite program.

We have found that making use of not only traditional Thai Massage but also the unique world famous Chai Nei Tsung (CNT) Abdominal Massage that hugely facilitates the removal of emotional and physical toxins and the restoration of vitality.

This CNT massage is combined on alternate days with Thai massage which experience has shown is fantastic for balancing body mind and soul.

For many people this is a whole new adventure giving you unique tools to access mental and emotional realms whilst opening this window of opportunity during  detoxing the body and the relationship to disease.

Additional group educational lectures, mini workshops and discussions will be provided throughout the retreat with daily DVD discussions on cleanse, nutrition and health with access to our library. Free WIFI internet is provided.

While your attention may be on your physical body during the detox process, you will begin to release stored emotions, thoughts and outmoded beliefs about yourself and your life, and many have found themselves waking to the magnificence of a part of themselves that they only unsuited was there.


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