Inspiration is What Happens When We Experience the Truth Behind the Mind.

Fasting will ignite this inspiration like very little else can. The true cause of our suffering is buried in our faulty notions about what it means to be healthy, what we consider as food or fuel for our bodies, and in our somewhat stubborn unwillingness to finally admit the timeless truth of who we really are.

This Fasting and Detox Retreat to Thailand is an experience for people who intuitively sense a better way of managing the health aspects of their lives. It is for those people who are willing to take responsibility for this important aspect of their lives.

What is fasting? Fasting has been defined in many ways, from cleansing and detox to consuming a juice-only diet to undertaking extended periods of ingesting nothing but water. With all the confusion about what fasting is, we like to make our definition as clear and simple as possible: Fasting = Resting

Do you really need more rest?

True rest is compromised by the onslaught of events and information that comes to us each day through alarm clocks, phones, social media, television, the Internet, city living, and the typical office job, resting could not be more essential to many who are tired and burnt out.

Fasting is a way to overcome this lethargy, rejuvenate and renew your body, and reclaim your vigor. You can literally watch yourself grow younger. Life will never be the same after a supervised fast, as you find fitness becomes easier, thinking becomes clearer, and most of all your life and energy returns. Such Cleansing and purification will allow access to a gateway of energy for reconnection to Source. This is your birthright.

What will you experience?

In the month prior to commencing the Retreat, an evening educational workshop and full briefing will be held on what to expect. You will also be offered the suggested opportunity to embark upon a “Herbal Pre Cleanse” of 30 days prior to starting your detox. This pre cleanse is easy to do, and will not hugely impact the month before you leave. This pre cleanse is aimed at getting your elimination organs working as efficiently as possible, and an initial parasite elimination in preparation for your Fast so as to ensure you get the most from the detox period in Thailand. (The Pre Cleanse is included in the price of the retreat).

To get to the retreat centre, you will fly into Bangkok Int Airport (IATA Code BKK), and then connect onwards to Chiang Mai (IATA code CNX), Approx 1 Hours flying from Bangkok.

You will be met and transported to the resort where you will be spending most of the next ten days. Your days will be spent soaking up the fresh air and sunshine around the luxurious Spa, giving not only your mind a well deserved rest but also your stomach, treating your self to the signature massages and various treatments of choice.

The Resort is home to the world famous CNT abdominal massage, which is suggested as part of your protocol every second day. This massage is foundational in assisting the removal of toxins and balancing the body’s energy grid. Thai Massage also works to clean up the lymphatic system and facilitate balancing of subtle energy flows in the body.

The Fast lasts 7 days incorporating the highly successful Orange Juice Fasting (or a similar fruit juice depending upon season and availability) as per Dr Hay, followed by three days of return to a healthier eating practice.

Since the fast is the equivalent of being on natures operating table, as the days pass you will experience a restoration of vitality and vigor brought upon from within by the miracle of nature at work. Your body’s innate intelligence will go deeply within cleaning house and eliminating long stored waste and toxins from various levels. People on such a fast often report shedding 1 pound of weight per day of the fast, (assuming there is waste to be removed).

The “Barefoot” herbal approach ensures that the bowel evacuates on its own on a daily basis without the need for colonic irrigation. Colonic Irrigatation is available for those who desire it.

The first few days, people often feel lethargic, but a breakthrough usually occurs after the third day, leading up to the seventh day and beyond.

It is not uncommon to find parasites being eliminated form the body.

Sleep is deep and restorative, with a deep sense of peace retuning to the being.

The various unique treatments facilitate the removal of toxins and the restoration of vitality.

In summary, the approach we’re taking is the result of many years of trial and error taking the best concepts from various locations around the world and embodying them into one exceptionally safe and effective yet gentle fasting/detox experience.

People report not only a restoration of physical well being but also a renewed connection to their Spiritual Source. The source of digestive issues and many other seemingly unrelated health issues are often addressed at their cause.

After 7 days, the fast is broken with light fruit meals allowing the stomach to slowly over the next three days be weaned back into a normal eating regime using the Organic Raw food restaurant (All grown in house) that is located on site.

On the tenth day you are transported back to the Chang-Mai (CNX) airport for the return home.

Discussions on how to integrate the acquired experience and wisdom will be held prior to departure with the goal of empowering you to successfully integrate all you had learnt and experienced and ultimately be your own physician

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