* I attended one of Malcolm’s Detox workshops in 2010, and sourced the Intestinal Bulldozer aka Lower Bowel Formula. At the time, I had sluggish digestion, bloating, and low energy. I had two children and a demanding job and needed to make changes. Within several days (yes!!) my digestion had improved significantly — meal in, meal out — and within a few weeks my energy levels returned. I then sourced the Parasite Cleansing kit, for which I received detailed and helpful instructions on its use. This stuff works, very high quality, and I feel great!! I’ve been using his products since 2010, and take a regular regime of the Bowel Formulae and a maintenance schedule of Parasite formula, and follow AOD’s instructions on periodic fasting, liver cleans and parasite elimination.
I feel younger, stronger and healthier than I did ten years ago. I’ve also noticed: positive changes in my skin tone, less belly fat, knee/shoulder pain gone, and virtually no illness — regular colds, flus, allergies and infections are thing of the past. [Before I chanced upon the “Art of Detox” products, I had experimented with a variety of other herbal formulas and methods that did not have long-lasting effect, and certainly did not get the worms out.

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