Homeostase-Ease 4oz Tincture

Spleen Supportive Tincture
This tincture is formulated with herbs that have spleen, liver, and kidney supportive compounds.

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Spleen Supportive Tincture

This Homeostase-Ease Tincture is formulated with herbs that have spleen, liver, and kidney supportive compounds.

For Centuries the Chinese have mapped out the meridians around diseases areas to show that the flow may actually slow down. To support and nourish meridians, they must be “unlocked” so that your body can supply them sufficiently. As lymph (sewer of the body) slows, the body may become stagnant, to the point that lymph may eventually conjest and backup which creates a feeding ground for bactaria.

When the core is out of balance, we may produce excessive mucus. We must restore proper flow to all systems of our body, as they all rely on and nourish one another. You need to balance these organs before homeostasis can ever be reached.

The spleen is the largest lymph organ, which has separate parts, one being the filter and the other being the “storage tank” for matter to be sent to the elimination channels.

This “storage” area may become a place of refuge for infectious organsims that hide from our immune system. Congested lymph results in a dis-eased state. The spleen may play a very important role. Some infections may favor the spleen, as they may end up there, caught up in the sieving processes. At some point, infected red blood cells may become enlarged and this may eventually clog up the spleen.

This Crystal Tripp tincture is formulated with herbs that have spleen, liver, and kidney supportive compounds. The synergistic capabilities of herbs may sense when an aggressive or purging action is needed or when more gentle support is required. One herb may have both capabilities.

Ingredients (Wildcrafted Herbs Indicated In Teal)
Ingredients Proprietary Blend of; Alcohol, Magnolia bark, Elderberry, Prunella vulgaris (full-spectrum), Goldenseal root, Red root, Dead nettle (full-spectrum), Cryptolepis sanguinolenta root, Pau d’arco bark, Rhubarb root, Ashwagandha root, Licorice root, Pine needle, Japanese knotweed (full-spectrum), Queen Anne’s lace (full-spectrum), Forsythia (aerial parts), Red clover (full-spectrum), Bayberry root, Rhynchophylla cat’s claw (vine & hooks), Echinacea root, Marigold (full-spectrum), Astragalus root, Bloodroot, Juniper heartwood + berry, Sida acuta (full-spectrum), Green hulls of the black walnut, Pokeberry juice (deseeded), Mimosa Pudica (bark), Senega root.

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