Free Secrets of Detox Cleanse Handbook

A Preventative Approach to cultivating and maintaining vibrant wellness.
“There is but one cure and that cure is a clean blood supply.” BFH

The content of this book is a preventive approach to maintaining optimum wellness through the application of Self Applied Prevention techniques along with a healthy dose of common sense. This approach works from the foundation up. The method leaves no stone unturned, and the methods have an excellent track record of achieving remarkable results for those who are prepared to make the effort and do the simple cleanses suggested.

This approach is collectively termed “Self Applied Prevention”. The heart of the concept is to small but routine amounts of maintenance on your self thus preventing the onset of symptoms now and dis-ease later in life.

In short it empowers you to become your own Physician. It empowers you with the basics for staying out of trouble, and staying out of the Doctors consulting rooms, both now and later in life when it really counts.

When adopted as a small part of ones life style would go a long way towards keeping you in exceptional shape health wise.

It provides a basic foundation for those seeking a healthy diet. There is no point in placing the best quality food into a dirty body. Common sense suggests cleaning house first, allowing greatest potential from the better foods food choices.

This approach deals with the true cause of the human condition. Morbid accumulations within the body leading to loss of circulation.

For those who don’t have access to the herbal formulas contained within these pages, what worked for the Medical Surgeon as described within these pages a hundred years ago will work for you now.

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