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1/6/15 Announcing  TEN DAY DETOX AND FASTING RETREAT 3th-13th October in Chaing Mai, Thailand.

30/3/14 Reducing Toxins and Parasites in the Body A One Radio Network interview with Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt.  Highlights of the show.
Dr. Klinghardt talks about using CD for liver cleansing in the chronically ill, Parasites - We all have parasites, the less parasites we have, the longer we live. The goal is not to get rid of all of them, but maintain a good control of them, Parasites are possibly helping us survive the assaults from the environment, Diagnosing toxins, Autoimmune diseases- Dr. Klinghardt explains that there is no such thing as autoimmune disease; so what is going on? Addressing inflammatory bowel disease, A word about dental implants and Why aren’t most parasites detected?

24/1/14 Parasite Idenitifcation Chart. Credit and appreciation to Clint (macaddict08@att.net) for allowing me to make his chart available. The chart is dedicated to all the Warrior parents out there who are working hard to recover their children from the symptoms known as autism. 163 Successes to date (Dec14).

21/11/13 Healing the Symptoms Known As Autism – A One Radio Network interview with Kerri Rivera. A mind blowing interview with Kerri Revera, May 2013, 93 children previously diagnosed with regressive autism were able to shed their autism diagnosis, their symptoms, and return to an overall state of health and vitality using the protocols revealed in her book, “Healing the Symptoms Known As Autism.”

15/11/13 Rope Worms: Could Your Chronic Ailments Be Coming From Them Living In Your Intestinal Tract?  A One Radio Network Interview with Professor Alex A. Volinsky, Ph.D. While thousands of people passed the rope worms using different methods, Recent DNA testing is beginning to show that the at least 80% of the matter tested does not match any known DNA sequence.