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Damage done to the intestinal tract by our modern diet is hard to correct, often taking years to repair.

The gastrointestinal tract and more specifically the bowel in the context as an organ of both assimilation and detoxification has three components. These three are;

   1) Stomach

    2) Small Intestine

    3) Colon.

All disease begins in the GutHippocrates (450-339 BC), influential Greek philosopher of the fifth century B.C.

The surface area of the entire gut is significant and can cover a tennis court when stretched out flat. Many health professionals focus on the colon, when in fact the waste begins to accumulate and build up in the small intestine…all 23ft of it!

Many will attempt to clean the digestive tract making use of intrusive colonic irrigation type approaches, which by sheer architecture of the plumbing fail to reach the small intestine. The build up of waste in the gut obstructs the tiny villi from absorbing nutrients, serves to intoxicate the system through re-absorption of the decaying waste material and serves as a feeding ground for parasites/worms and bacteria.

The Intestinal Bulldozer is our secret to cleaning up the gut in a non invasive, inexpensive and effective manner over a period of time rather than a single session. It removes accumulated waste in both the small intestine and colon. It has the added advantage of stimulating the muscular movement of the small and large intestine also known as peristaltic action. At the same time strengthening the muscles of the colon, soothing the lining of the digestive tract whilst removing putrefying food and waste material.

The Intestinal Bulldozer also serves to improve digestion, stimulates the flow of bile which in turn cleans the bile ducts, gallbladder liver.

This powerful natural herbal bowel formula has affectionately come to be known as “The Intestinal Bulldozer”. It has a successful multi-decade track record to allow you to remove years of debris and build-up all in the privacy and comfort of your own home. 

In addition to stopping consuming foods that the bowel was never designed to consume, the following 5 additional self applied preventative habits will go a long way towards overall bowel wellbeing. 

  • Eat slowly, taking your time.
  • Refrain from, or minimize, the consumption of grains. They are harsh on the digestive tract, and mucus forming.
  • Drink much less with each meal so as not to dilute the gastric juices used for digestion.
  • Liquids consumed at meal times should NOT be chilled.
  • Chew your food longer. Digestion begins with the mixing of saliva’s created in the mouth with food.