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Here’s what some of our customers have to say

* Please see below Disclaimer under testimonials.

* I have had undiagnosed Hashimoto’s all my life, being diagnosed in February 2013 after developing several other autoimmune diseases and becoming very ill. By September 2014, Western medicine was failing me so I started using my own functional medicine techniques; using biofeedback to guide me, I made progress and my body became stronger. This wasn’t enough, I knew I needed to detox – using only natural products.

I started the Art of Detox Programme on December 1st 2014 and by April 2015, I had completed the pre-cleanse kidney flush, liver cleanse, parasite/advanced parasite cleanse and an orange juice fasting; my body had taken that final step towards better sustained health. My weight is what it was 20 years ago and my energy levels are improving as I now tackle the muscle atrophy. (As a former athlete who has been unable to train for over 5 years.)

My friends are stunned at the transformation. The products, along with a diet that suits my condition, mean that today I am well on the way to remission. Heartfelt thanks Malcolm, I couldn’t have got this far without your guidance and products.

Carol, UK - June 2015

* I have pretty much recovered my health and am now sharing with others around me. Really quite amazing how their perception changes as they realise these approaches work

Trent, Sydney Feb 2015

* Thanks! The stones kept coming out after my original email. I bet I've pushed out nearly 300. I am feeling a little better. I'm curious to see what comes out next time! My mental fatigue lessened a few days ago and I've have a lot more mental energy since then, but still have some physical fatigue. Over all, the cleanse was quite easy.

Jeff, Jan 7 2015

* Previously I use to have a lot of mucous, since started, sinuses have cleared. Bowel actions are more regular. Amazingly, amount of waste is much more than the consumption of foods. I can feel that the colon is being cleansed. Also, I feel less tired than before, though fasting. The other day, due to circumstances the car was at a location that I had to walk about 5 km's. I did this at a very fast pace with ease.

Yunus, South Africa July 2014

* It’s coming out!!! I have released about 5 pounds of lymph waste. Parasites. You name it. Ropes and others.

Victor, Slovakia July 2015

* I have just finished a one month course of the Adult Parasite Cleanse and Intestinal Bulldozer. It is amazing stuff. I really feel so much better.

Aileen, UAE July14

* ‘Feels like sludge is emptying out of me. I’ve been in the detox world and trying cleanses, fasts and researching herbs for 3 years now, and this is DIFFERENT’.

L, San Francisco 30 May14

* "Bowel movements are more regular. Amazingly, amount of waste/faeces released is much more than the consumption of foods. I can feel that the colon is being cleansed"

YM, South Africa 14 Jul 14

* The Detox results were fantastic. It did take time for my bowel to become regular and the associated bloating and lower abdominal pain gradually eased. The most obvious physical impact on me was that I began to get regular and improved sleep with no disturbance. My energy and concentration levels were much improved. This improvement in my health had a significant effect on my psychology. Now I have the energy and mental motivation to exercise the way I used to which always leads to a positive mental attitude.

SH, Airline Pilot, Dubai Sept 12

* I'm grateful & amazed that after using the Adult Parasite Cleanse for a month I no longer have issues with excess gas. I was perplexed at the cause until my herbalist recommended "de-worming" the intestinal tract.

PP New York, June 2013

* My Partner and I both excreted what seems like hundreds of thin worms that were a salmon pink in color.

Ronald, Patagonia, Arizona May 2012

* The Lower Bowel Formula (Intestinal Bulldozer), which has truly made a remarkable difference to my everyday life as well as an aid to a better quality of life....!

Elizabeth B, Cape Town, South Africa Jan 2013

* It has now been 2 ½ years since I started using the Lower Bowel Formula (Intestinal Bulldozer). Since starting Lower Bowel Formula I have not had 1 constipation episode. I have not had to take any medication whatsoever for my bowel. I have not had to take any constipation relief medications since starting taking the Lower Bowel formula. It has drastically changed the quality of my life.

There were many dietary changes I have made too but the Intestinal Bulldozer is by far the most profound and effective natural method I have come across. I have just turned 40 and am doing better than I have ever done in my life. This is quite a feat considering the darker side of cystic fibrosis.

Christina, Dubai, April 2013

* I´ve been feeling great, the liver detox made all the difference for me. I´m grateful to have had the chance of attending that workshop that was the beginning of my new life, and to all the support I got from you.

Anabella, Lisbon Portugal, Sept 2013

* The herbal approach is treating me super well and I feel soooo much better!!! Also because I have done a big change in my diet and eat much more raw food and avoid dairy and wheat (but still eat yogurt as I love it...) No more stomach pains at all so far! :-) Many, many thanks to you!! And I'll keep reading :-)"

NL Dubai, 14 March 2012

* A simple change of diet and herbal approach was enough to see profound effects, simply starting a bowel formulae and resorting to a raw food based diet eliminated the acid reflux whilst I saw a marked improvement in my digestion. A 4 day fast consuming fruit juices only produced the most significant results, I felt much closer to my inner self whilst allowing me to meditate deeper and feel a sense of immense focus. Surprisingly, I also noticed my energy levels to increase dramatically."

Kunal, Dubai March 2012

* Through a complete reversal and change in food habits, fasting and elimination of 80 years toxic buildup and various supporting supplements, my father is now out of hospital, eating virtually the OPPOSITE of what he used to, able to play 18 holes of golf again, excising daily, fully cognizant and present in his family again, was able to avoid a diabetic foot amputation and completely diabetic drug/medication free. From the N**** family in Perth, we thank you sincerely.

Zane N, Perth Australia Dec 2012

* I attended one of Malcolm's Detox workshops in 2010, and sourced the Intestinal Bulldozer aka Lower Bowel Formula. At the time, I had sluggish digestion, bloating, and low energy. I had two children and a demanding job and needed to make changes. Within several days (yes!!) my digestion had improved significantly -- meal in, meal out -- and within a few weeks my energy levels returned. I then sourced the Parasite Cleansing kit, for which I received detailed and helpful instructions on its use. This stuff works, very high quality, and I feel great!! I've been using his products since 2010, and take a regular regime of the Bowel Formulae and a maintenance schedule of Parasite formula, and follow AOD's instructions on periodic fasting, liver cleans and parasite elimination.

I feel younger, stronger and healthier than I did ten years ago. I've also noticed: positive changes in my skin tone, less belly fat, knee/shoulder pain gone, and virtually no illness -- regular colds, flus, allergies and infections are thing of the past. [Before I chanced upon the “Art of Detox” products, I had experimented with a variety of other herbal formulas and methods that did not have long-lasting effect, and certainly did not get the worms out.

lanae, Washington DC Feb 2013

* I've tried many different brands of parasite cleanses, some of which I don't rate at all and others I believe are very good. I feel your formulas are one of, if not the best that I have tried thus far

JG United Kingdom, Jan 2014

* I'm grateful & amazed that after using the PW/A for a month, that I no longer have issues with excess gas. As a very health conscious, average-weight, organic food eater, (no wheat products), I was perplexed at the cause until my practitioner recommended an anti-parasite approach for the intestine.

P F, New York 5 June 13

* The herbal approach is treating me super well and I feel soooo much better! No more stomach pains at all so far. Many, many thanks to you!!

N L, Dubai 14 March 12

* My husband and I chanced upon Art of Detox through a glowing recommendation from a friend. A few months later, we both attended one of the workshops and then introduced a liver cleanse to our regime along with some regular preventative strategies. After the first liver cleanse, my husband’s lower back pain went and never returned.

Living in the Middle East especially with travel to exotic destinations, it seems only sensible to ensure a regular parasite cleanse. I have personally been taking the Intestinal Bulldozer capsules for about two years and I find a very scaled-down intake (compared with my original starting point) is all I need now to keep everything working well even in times of stress and the inevitable lapses from a strict diet! My bloating is gone along with the symptoms of irritable bowel that plagued me.

Kerry Maloney, Psychologist & Executive Coach March 2013

Hear what participants of Art of Detox retreats have to say.

* Being in an environment with like-minded people made it an easy program to follow and has given me motivation to continue upon getting home with many aspects. I got the most value from the retreat by having access to the herbs and methods for parasite removal. One of the things I appreciated the most was the effort the team went to in order to prepare me for the fast. I was nervous about the “detox flu/herx” but because of the preparation in the months preceding, along with the dietary changes (to a more plant based approach) I was able to do the fast easily. This contributed largely to my great results.

P, NSW, Australia October 2015

* The benefits for me from the retreat have been significant. I arrived 9 days earlier feeling stressed, heavy (89kg) and feeling close to exhausted. Today I feel clear, lighter by 4kg and overall renewed. Additionally I have taken on new insightful information on nutrition, alternative protocols and have the benefit of other people’s experiences.

From experience I have found it essential to be surrounded by good support and advice and I had lots of that from the Art of Detox team. The environment was great and the personal attention has been above and beyond.

Jim Kane, UK October 2015

* It was an awesome experience; so glad I went and was able to share in everyone's experiences. I got the most benefit from the group discussions, movies and lectures. I Cleared/initiated clearing of liver congestion. I got to fast in a setting free from distraction. My desire for meat has pretty much disappeared. I have also been sleeping really well. I can hear/feel interesting things going on in the liver. So it will be interesting to see how things play out. I will try a few protocols as soon as I get home, I'm excited to have these working again now as the liver is partially unblocked.

Trent, Sydney October 2015

*  I feel lighter, calmer, more focused and more energetic.

Abdulla, United Arab Emirates, October 2015

* The resort was excellent, a beautiful location and very comfortable. Being in a group setting was very helpful. The group talks and workshops served as great support tools. The retreat was very well organized, the logistics very streamlined.

Neha J, Dubai, UAE October 2015

* I enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere, friendly staff that were very helpful and caring, along with the information and support that I got from the team. The facilities and services were most beneficial.

Deema, United Arab Emirates, October 2015

* This is cutting edge stuff! The coconut water fast was a winner. Coming to the retreat with an open mind I was amazed at the results I achieved in terms of getting my body to eliminate toxins, parasites whilst cleansing my digestive tract. A real education for me no doubt.

Complementing the detox program with health therapies and massages from the resort clinic/spa provided a comprehensive cleansing and maintenance of the body. The accommodation was excellent and provided a welcome retreat away from home.

Shirley, Melbourne October 2015

* I benefitted from the retreat by improving my overall health through the pre cleanse, liver flushing and fasting program. The access to new information and education provided in the form of books, YouTube clips, movies and written material.

I felt safe and confident at all times and knew where I was on the fast and what I was trying to achieve. Releasing biofilm and parasites was awesome. I personally got the most value from the CNT massages, coffee enema’s, dark field blood tests and blood ozone treatment.

Thank you to the AOD team for this opportunity to heal, renew health and learn amazing techniques to empower myself.

Rachel, New South Wales, October 2015

* Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person

This company states that we are not medical professionals; we do not diagnose or give medical advice.

We only warrant that our products are 100% natural and non toxic. We make no claims about their efficacy but do record what they have done for people, whose testimonies speak for themselves. Every effort is made to corroborate these testimonies and if there is any doubt they are not recorded on the web site.

We do not advocate that anybody ceases taking medication prescribed to them by their Doctors until they are advised by their GP or choose to by themselves.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and these materials and products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.