• 7 Day Juice Fast
  • Dark Field Blood Analysis and consult.
  • 1x CNT massage
  • 1x Thai Massage
  • Fasting Pack (Pre Cleanse Detox Herbs, PH paper roll)
  • Accommodation 10 days, (9 nights – 6 Oct up to including night of 14th), room of your choice.
  • Individual monitoring, during and post cleanse support.
  • Group educational lectures, mini workshops and discussions
  • DVD discussions on cleanse, nutrition and health.
  • Health library access
  • Free WIFI
  • Use of facilities (e.g. pool, spa and nature trails)
  • Linen, towels provided
  • Evening Six Healing Sounds Meditation, Daily.
  • Morning Internal Chi Kung Exercise, Daily
  • Mild yoga and streching
  • A pre-cleanse talk the night before you start, daily assistance.
  • 1x IR Sauna sessions.
  • Before After Pictures
  • Salt-water Swimming pool, herbal steam sauna, gym,
  • Tennis, badminton, and basketball courts, ping-pong,
  • Home entertainment center
  • 3 meals per day after the fast ends to bring you back to normal eating.
  • Return Transportation from Chang Mai Airport to location.
  • Final day in nature trek.


  • Airline tickets and Flight.
  • Colonic Irrigation
  • Additional massages and treatments.
  • Energy Healings
  • Insurance
  • Personal expenses
  • Tips for hotel staff
  • DHL/USPS Postage expense of Herbal Cleanse kit if outside of USA.


**Early Bird Payment of deposit prior to 30 April,
**Normal Price of tour $2650 ($2450 per/pers Couples sharing)
***30% Payment deposit secures your place.
****Full payment on early bird price prior to 1 March earns you a 5% rebate.

Early Bird Prices upto to 30 April
Natural STANDARD Room (Single) $2,350
Natural STANDARD Room (Share) $2,150

Natural Superior Room (Single) $2,450
Natural Superior Room (Share) $2,250 Prices

1 May – 1 AUG 2018
Natural STANDARD Room (Single) $2,450
Natural STANDARD Room (Share) $2,250

Natural Superior Room (Single) $2,550
Natural Superior Room (Share) $2,350 After

1 AUG 2018
Natural STANDARD Room (Single) $2,650
Natural STANDARD Room (Share) $2,450

Natural Superior Room (Single) $2,750
Natural Superior Room (Share) $2,550

Your Hosts

Carol Talbot

Carol has a rare ability to see a deeper perspective within each and every individual allowing her to create a blueprint of action steps to move you forward. This makes the process of growth and expansion an easier and more joyful journey. Known as the NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) expert in the Middle East, Carol utilizes its many tools and techniques to create rapid shifts for groups and individuals as well as breakthrough experiences such as the fire-walk. “Firewalking is one of mankind’s oldest change-promoting tools. Almost every culture worldwide is known to have made effective use of fire-walking to empower, heal and purify, as well as to encourage a change.”

With a lifelong love of expression through movement, sound and a background in dance, Carol has taught and practiced vinyasa yoga for many years. She will be sharing the enchantment and liberation that movement and sound allow. Carol is also a certified Kambo Practioner with the IAKP and has been hosting Kambo Circles since 2015.

Malcolm Slyper

Founder of the Dubai based Detox and Raw Food workshops. Passionate about travelling the world seeking out the best means of restoring vitality, ensuring longevity and cultivating hightened states of conciousness. Malcolm personally conducted numerous fasts varying between seven and fourteen days. Malcolm advocates natural hygiene and better food choices to promote heightened states of consciousness and superior living. He promotes the concept of Self Applied Prevention.

“What surprises me most of all in mankind is that men lose their health in order to get money and then they lose that money in order to recover health. At the same time while worrying about the future they forget to live in the present. This way they end up not living in the present or the future. They live as if they are never going to die and they die as if they never have lived”
Dhalai Lama


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