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"Fasting must be recognized as a fundamental that is older than any other mode of caring for the sick organism, for it is employed on the plane of instinct..." Herbert Shelton (1895-1985)

Fasting as a means of physical rejuvenation and spiritual purification has its origins in antiquity. It is both and art and a science. All animals, including Man, are hard-wired at an intuitive level to fast during times of illness, stress and sometimes even at the slightest uneasiness. It is a natural tendency for the organism to seek rest, balance and conserve energy at critical times.



With the toxic onslaught of stimuli and information that comes to us each day through alarm clocks, phones, television, the internet, fast-paced city living and the typical office job, resting could not be more essential in the modern age in order to prevent burn out.

Fasting is a way to overcome this lethargy, to rejuvenate and renew your body at the cellular level and reclaim your vigour.

No matter how perfect your diet is, rest and rejuvenation of the digestive system is necessary beyond a 24-hour period.

Fasting at home within reach of the temptations of the refrigerator and the cookie jar is a risky endeavor. On the other hand, one of modern life’s luxuries is to be able to escape to a tropical island paradise and fast in the company of those who can best support you to achieve your goals.

There is no finer way to experience the remarkable healing potential of a seven-day juice fast than on a retreat under the expert guidance of an experienced facilitator. And as an added benefit, many people report a spiritual awakening, which is nothing short of breathtaking when it occurs.



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Being in an environment with like minded people made it an easy program to follow and has given me motivation to continue upon getting home with many aspects. I got the most value from the retreat by having access to the herbs and methods for parasite removal. One of the things I appreciated the most from was the effort the team went to in order to prepare me for the fast. I was nervous about the “detox flu/herx” but because of the preparation in the months preceding, along with the dietry changes (to a more plant based approach) I was able to do the fast easily. This contributed largely to my great results.
P, NSW, Australia October 2015


The benefits for me from the retreat have been significant. I arrived 9 days earlier feeling stressed, heavy (89kg) and feeling close to exhausted. Today I feel clear, lighter by 4kg and overall renewed. Additionally I have taken on new insightful information on nutrition, alternative protocols and have the benefit of other people’s experiences. From experience I have found it essential to be surrounded by good support and advice and I had lots of that from the Art of Detox team. The environment was great and the personal attention has been above and beyond.

Jim Kane, UK October 2015


It was an awesome experience; so glad I went and was able to share in everyone's experiences. I got the most benefit from the group discussions, movies and lectures. I Cleared/initiated clearing of liver congestion. I got to fast in a setting free from distraction. My desire for meat has pretty much disappeared. I have also been sleeping really well. I can hear/feel interesting things going on in the liver. So it will be interesting to see how things play out. I will try a few protocols as soon as I get home, I'm excited to have these working again now as the liver is partially unblocked.

Trent, Sydney October 2015


I feel lighter, calmer, more focused and more energetic.

Abdulla, United Arab Emirates, October 2015


The resort was excellent, a beautiful location and very comfortable. Being in a group setting was very helpful. The group talks and workshops served as great support tools. The retreat was very well organized, the logistics very streamlined.

 Neha J, Dubai, UAE October 2015


I enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere, friendly staff that were very helpful and caring, along with the information and support that I got from the team. The facilities and services were most beneficial.

 Deema, United Arab Emirates, October 2015


This is cutting edge stuff! The coconut water fast was a winner. Coming to the retreat with an open mind I was amazed at the results I achieved in terms of getting my body to eliminate toxins, parasites whilst cleansing my digestive tract. A real education for me no doubt. Complimenting the detox program with health therapies and massages from the resort clinic/spa provided a comprehensive cleansing and maintenance of the body. The accommodation was excellent and provided a welcome retreat away from home.

Shirley, Melbourne October 2015


I benefitted from the retreat by improving my overall health through the pre cleanse, liver flushing and fasting program. The access to new information and education provided in the form of books, Youtube clips, movies and written material. I felt safe and confident at all times and knew where I was on the fast and what I was trying to achieve. Releasing biofilm and parasites was awesome. I personally got the most value from the CNT massages, Coffee enema’s, Dark field Blood tests and blood ozone treatment. Thank you to the AOD team for this opportunity to heal, renew health and learn amazing techniques to empower my self.

Rachel, New South Wales, October 2015